Let’s Get Jucy! July 2017

Friday 30th, June 2017 / 13:03
By Paul Rodgers

Freaking Usher performs with The Roots on July 15. GO GO GO!

CALGARY – Ahoy hoy! So it has come to pass that I am writing my column from abroad. I’ve been to one rave since moving to the East Kootenay Region. It started at 7:00 and ended at 11:00 p.m. There were children present. So you better believe that A) I am going to be dancing vicariously through you all during this supremely dank July programming and B) I will be cramming about six months of partying into three days at Bass Coast this month. Hold tight YYC massive…

Returning for their fourth straight year at Eau Claire, BassBus will be holding down their epic annual Canada Day party, this year featuring The Gaff. These events are always super fun; the BassBus gang makes party and they make it well.

Chali 2na seems to really like Western Canada. He is making multiple festival appearances every summer, and he was just here a few months ago with the Funk Hunters and he is back July 5 with The House of Vibe at Commonwealth.

The Hifi Club and 403DNB only collaborate sporadically but when they do the results are always legendary. On July 6 catch the absolute legend himself Roni Size, one of the true pioneers of drum and bass and jungle.

It’s happening in British Columbia, but I would say 75 per cent of my friends and associates in Calgary are going, so I’m going to just quickly mention here that BASS COAST happens on July 7 and I could not be more excited. Numerous Calgary cats like OAKK, DEEPONE, Sinistarr and Homesick are peppered into a lineup that is, in my humble opinion, the festival’s best yet.

Brooklyn’s Ill Bill performs at Dickens Pub on July 7 alongside Non Phixion celebrating 250 True Rhythm shows. Quite a milestone indeed and definitely something to be proud of and celebrate.

So I guess Diplo’s show at Cowboys Dance Hall early bird tickets sold out. They were priced at $40, which is reasonable if you’re a fan of the celeb-status, globetrotting electro producer, but tier two tickets are $70 and tier three are a whopping $79.99. That is excessive. No other way to put it.

On July 15 at The Hifi Club, catch three of Canada’s most innovative bass music producers Greazus, Little Snake and Half Normal.

Also on July 15, one of R&B’s biggest names is performing at the Saddledome. That big name is one of the world’s best choreographers and dancers. Freaking Usher is performing alongside none other than The Roots. I can only imagine this will be an absolutely fantastic concert and would snatch tickets up in a heartbeat were I still in Calgary. Please go and report back to me all the wonders you see there.

July 16 at Cowboys catch Big Sean and Fetty Wap. I honestly don’t know much about the former’s music, but that name makes me giggle.

Does Darude still have any relevance or any notable songs other than “Sandstorm?” He was probably responsible for introducing many, many young people to the sounds of electronic music and he plays Marquee on July 21, so go and find out for yourself if you’re keen.

Have double the fun for me, stay safe and dance a lot. Hope to see lots of you Calgary ravers at Bass Coast in two weeks. Until next time!

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