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Don’t Go To Bass Coast

Don’t Go To Bass Coast

By Alan Ranta MERRITT – 2018 marked the tenth anniversary of Bass Coast, the infamous electronic music and arts festival that…

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Defenders of the Triforce is the Closest You’ll Get To Link (Power Bracelet Not Included)

Tuesday 04th, July 2017 / 15:33
By Max Hill

photo by Albert Law

VANCOUVER – Since the original The Legend of Zelda title dropped in 1986, the game series has become famous for its epic story of heroes, castles, and princesses, as well as for its difficult puzzles and dungeons. Players navigate a fantasy world, collecting items and abilities with the hope of defeating the game’s big bad, the savage Ganondorf. The most recent entry in the series, Breath of the Wild, has been a massive hit, with some calling it the best Zelda yet.

Those who’ve wished that they could play out the series’ engaging gameplay in real life now have a chance to do just that — game developer Nintendo and SCRAP, creators of Real Escape Game, have teamed up to create an escape room puzzle based off of the Zelda universe. Defenders of the Triforce allows teams of up to six players to battle their way through a series of dungeons in order to retrieve the Master Sword and defeat Ganon.

“Defenders of the Triforce will give players a chance to create memories of special moments along with many other players — not just those in your team,” says Kazuya Iwata, game designer and CEO of SCRAP. “The energy that comes alive when fans gather together is something you can’t experience in an escape room.”

The focus of the event is on teamwork, with challenges based on collaboration with other dungeoneers. Players are encouraged to bring pencils and pads to write things down and share clues with their teammates. Iwata notes that the game has also been popular with non-players, as the puzzles translate well even to those not familiar with Zelda titles.

The official seal of approval from Nintendo goes a long way, as the developer is famously picky with what material they put their name on. “Nintendo is definitely very careful with their [intellectual property], but they were willing to be flexible as long as they knew it was being used for something great,” continues Iwata. The company allowed Real Escape Games to borrow story elements as well as characters and game assets from the Zelda series, along with offering constructive feedback on aspects of the escape room.

Ultimately, SCRAP and Nintendo are aiming to create an experience that goes beyond your usual escape room game. “It’s so much more than that,” says Iwata. “It’s a unique event that gives players an experience they can’t have anywhere else. You’ll be experiencing it with many other people at the same time, and all of you will be working towards a common goal.”

Defenders of the Triforce will take place at the Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront from July 5 – 9. Use the code BEATROUTE25 at the checkout to get 25% off.

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