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Rise above the haze at Tokyo Smoke

Rise above the haze at Tokyo Smoke

By Austin Taylor With cannabis legalization comfortably settling in and new or previously undercover herb enthusiasts coming out of the…


This Month in Film – July 2017

Tuesday 04th, July 2017 / 18:32
By Hogan Short & Paris Spence-Lang

Monterey Pop 50th Anniversary Edition

Two years before Woodstock cemented a counterculture legacy, the Monterey International Pop Festival brought iconic figures like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Otis Redding into the limelight. Directed by D. A. Pennebaker (Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars) this essential remastered recording gives us a taste of The Who, Mamas and the Papas, Simon Garfunkel, and many more at the height of their movement. Catch a screening of this seminal concert doc at The Cinematheque July 7-9 & 12th.

Indiana Jones and the Trilogy Marathon

Forget indie films—I’ll stick with Indy films. Our favourite archeologist is back with Marion Ravenwood, Short Round, Sallah, and a whole suite of snakes. This is your chance to catch Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Temple of Doom, and The Last Crusade, in one go for over six hours of whip-cracking, Nazi-punching, heart-burning movie magic. And in the words of the Rio: “You read that right. ‘Trilogy.’ We’re pretending that fourth installment never happened.” Throw the idol July 14th at the Rio Theatre.

Upcoming Releases

A Ghost Story

Casey Affleck spends most of his time under a sheet in this movie, a ghost that haunts his old home with an unbearable melancholy while wearing a sheet with eyeholes. Through these eyeholes, he witnesses the passing of time eternal, and understands what it means to truly lose someone as he slips away from his wife’s memory. In theaters July 7th

To the Bone

There are not many films that appropriately approach an issue that affects so many people: eating disorders. This is a true story about a young woman in a group home led by a doctor trying unconventional methods to helping people. It is getting great early reviews and stars the already skinny Lily Collins who lost over twenty pounds to play her role.  This is described as much harrowing as it is funny and could be an early awards contender. Streaming on Netflix July 14th

City of Ghosts

One testament to proper journalism is the power of that rare documentary that explodes the knowledge people have, to the point it can even change the world. SuperSizeMe truly changed the rules fast food companies lived by. Cartel Land did it for the Cartel, Citizenfour did it for the Snowden leaks, and The Act of Killing did it for the genocide in Indonesia.  City of Ghosts is predicted by many critics already to do that for ISIS, the lives they destroy, and the resilience of those affected. In theaters July 14th


Christopher Nolan tackles one of the world’s greatest close shaves in war epic Dunkirk. Set on the beaches of France in 1940, hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers are awaiting evacuation as an impending Nazi force closes in. Tom Hardy sweats it out with an unlikely bunkmate in Harry Styles, but this is sure to be one of Nolan’s best yet. In theaters July 21st


This is a film about a young woman (Jenny Slate) who lives with her younger sister (Abby Quinn) and parents (Edie Falco, John Turturro) in Manhattan. The two siblings discover that their father is having an affair and we watch the two navigate that situation. What makes this movie so intriguing, besides the all-star cast, is that it’s from Writer/Director Gillian Robespierre. His previous movie was the fabulous and under appreciated comedy Obvious Child (also starring Jenny Slate). Set in the mid-90s there are high expectations for this “period” piece comedy. In theaters July 21st

Brigbsy Bear

This is probably going to end up being the incredibly odd, charmingly weird, standout indie cult classic to come out of the 2017 festival season. The short tagline is that when a children’s show for one abruptly ends, that person must seek out an ending. The trailer doesn’t show much except for an incredible cast (Kyle Mooney, Mark Hamill, Claire Daines) and a film with fun visuals, blending reality with artwork. The plot might be in a post apocalyptic world? Might not be. Whatever it turns out to be is sure to be wholly original and fantastical. In theaters July 28th


Weird, A24 Productions is coming out with a movie that looks absolutely incredible. A film by a first-time director, getting amazing reviews and about a topic unexplored. Weird. Menashe is a widowed man who is not allowed to live with his son because he no longer has a wife. This is because he is an ultra-orthodox Jew living in Brooklyn. The film deals with parenthood and faith in this funny and calm look at the man, Menashe. In theaters July 28th