La Luz Still Riding The Shrine To Fuzzed Out New Heights

Wednesday 05th, July 2017 / 16:46
By Adam Deane

Setting: Your grandmother’s kitchen, 1992. Scene: You’re five years old listening to the local talk radio station’s own rendition of “Bingo” ring through the old crank radio on the jaundiced Formica countertop you’ve just doused with the remains of the Capri Sun you couldn’t quite break open properly.

As your grandmother reluctantly cleans it up, shaking her head, you clue-in to the radio dial that’s just within arm’s reach. Alright, Maverick, your target is locked; now pull the trigger.

Static. Nothing but ear-piercing, crunchy waves of static. But, wait. What’s that?
You pickup what appears to be a celestial cry from a far. A completely unhinged and reverberating sound you’ve simply never heard before.

As your other hand crawls for the volume knob to unearth this heavenly noise, your grandmother’s pale, veiny fingers seize your wrist, but it’s too late. With a violent flash of purple and yellow, you are sucked into the kaleidoscopic time-warp that was once your grandmother’s toaster and heaved into a near-empty surf warehouse somewhere in East LA.

There they stand. The angels you’d just sensed. A quartet of young women clad in what can only be described as grunge-revival, staring eye to eye with you and your confused-as-all-hell grandmother. And that, my friends, is where your music video begins.

Okay, so no one actually pitched this (brilliant) music video idea to leading badass, Shana Cleveland of La Luz, but if they did; I’m quite certain she’d have been impressed…
Probably not.

Having to vigilantly track Cleveland down in the mountains of Northern California where she was working on some top secret projects (likely in a cave – because she’s badass like that) she clued me in on her upcoming album, tour and their move from the Emerald City to the city of what else – Angels.

“I mostly miss my friends — the people, the musicians, but we really love LA. It’s hard to feel like there is an LA music scene, because it’s just such a monster of a city, you can’t really pin it down in any way. You can never really get bored of it. Seattle was starting to feel a bit small,” Cleveland says of her hometown.

A lot of Seattle bands eventually end up transitioning out, but it’s always nice to have those grungy, garage roots show through and La Luz are no exception.

If their fan base wasn’t already aware of the resilience of this team of Seattleites, a high-speed road collision in 2013 on their way back from tour supporting Of Montreal would remind everyone just how tough they are. Not only did they continue to play, they came back with what seemed like a new outlook on life.

With themes of love, loneliness, obsession and just a few nose-first dives into the deep dark abyss, they’re past album Weirdo Shrine is the primary focus of their current tour with just a few surprises thrown in from their new upcoming release this year. If you’re craving that true fuzzy-guitar, surf-rock, ’50s-esque girl group sound you will not want to miss La Luz when they roll through town.

La Luz perform at the Biltmore Cabaret on July 6.

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