Best Films to See This July

Friday 07th, July 2017 / 09:00
By Jonathan Lawrence

Summer is always the best time to catch a blockbuster film, at least according to the studios. Here’s a few worth checking out this July.

Baby Driver
You can’t go wrong with Edgar Wright, whose newest flick purports to be a musical-action-comedy hybrid about a young getaway driver named Baby (any relation to the equally vague Driver from Drive?) who tries to escape the criminal lifestyle. Of course, inevitable obstacles will ensure that there’s not an easy way out, despite Baby having a professional reputation for getting away from things. With Wright’s propensity for creating visually stunning films such as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Shaun of the Dead, Baby Driver looks to be quite promising.

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Some people seem to think that Spider-Man 3 set the bar low for superhero films (I don’t care what anyone says, that dance scene is great. And I know I’m alone there). I’m curious, then, what those same people thought of The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2, which both set the bar low not only for superhero films, but film in general. Hopefully we’ll see some redemption for the nerdy kid from Queens in Homecoming, in which he moves back in with his beloved Aunt May –until the Vulture appears that is. Why the studio insists on casting exclusively British dudes as Peter Parker I’ll never know, but here’s hoping Spidey’s next adventure flies as high as his webs will take him.

Christopher Nolan is apparently trying his hand at a more realistic film this year—not that Matthew McConaughey altering space and time in Interstellar wasn’t realistic—but I digress. This film is about the evacuation of Allied soldiers from Dunkirk, France following a German invasion during World War 2. It’s a story that hasn’t really been told on screen before, so it should be interesting. Staying true to his unique storytelling methods, Nolan plans to tell the story from an air, land and sea perspective. The film also has an amazing cast from Mark Rylance to Tom Hardy to, err, Harry Styles. The young pop star was reportedly cast after auditioning amongst thousands of other young men. I guess, realistically, some soldiers probably did have boyish looks and wore tight jeans.

Atomic Blonde
Charlize Theron has proven in films such as Monster or Mad Max: Fury Road that she is a badass, even while looking less-than-flattering. In Atomic Blonde, however, she looks great and will assuredly kick a lot of butt. In fact, the trailer for the film is almost entirely of Theron mercilessly beating the living daylights out of thugs and other bad guys. Set in Berlin during the Cold War, the film has a spectacular neo-noir visual style; part Blade Runner, part John Wick. This is director David Leitch’s second film, the first being, unsurprisingly, 2014’s John Wick. Fans of Keanu’s violent action-thriller will certainly need to see this one.

The Emoji Movie
The only emoji that would sufficiently summarize this film is the sad one. Yes, those highly expressive yellow faces from your smartphone keyboard now have their own film. Hollywood is reaching, kids; time to start working on those screenplays.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
Speaking of long-winded titles, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets promises to be another hit this July. Based on a French graphic novel series, the film sees two government workers named Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne) tasked with the tall order of maintaining order throughout the universe.

When the densely rich city of Alpha is threatened by a menacing force, the two characters must investigate the problem. To make matters worse, Valerian has a crush on his co-worker – never a good thing. With such a rich universe, sci-fi nerds are going to have a blast with this one. It also looks like the love child of Avatar and The Fifth Element, so take that as you will.

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