MXPX: Emotion is their middle name

Friday 07th, July 2017 / 12:00


By Danni Bauer

A rare appearance by weekend members Yuri Ruley and Tom Wisniewski help up the nostalgiac ante for MxPx’s 25th anniversary shows in Calgary.

CALGARY – Twenty five years is a long time. A good percentage of marriages and friendships don’t last that long. Mike Herrera must be a committed man, as MxPx (originally Maginified Plaid) is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. The band was formed in Bremerton, Washington all the way back in 1992 by Herrera, Yuri Ruley and Andy Husted when they were just young pups in high school.

What better way to celebrate than play a bunch of punk rawk shows, including two shows at Dickens. “Calgary has always felt like an oasis for us,” Herrera explained over the phone last month. “We used to rent our tour buses from a guy there, and he would take us all around Calgary, so we are really excited to play there again. Plus it’s Stampede, so MxPx is just a nice cherry on the cake.”

Herrera, now in his early forties, has managed to take on the change in media formats to keep MxPx current on all platforms. He manages both a YouTube series called “Best Life with Mike Herrera,” as well as a podcast called “Herrera Hour.” He has taken on touring with alternative band members to fill in for Yuri Ruley and Tom Wisniewski, who still play with the band but due to full-time life commitments are only able to do weekends. “Yuri and Tom will be playing the two back to back shows in Calgary,” Herrera tells me, clearly excited about playing Dickens Pub once again.

Over the last couple years Dickens has channeled the nostalgic feel that fans of skate punk get when they are able to see the bands that held their heart in middle and high school. They have brought in Propagandhi, Millencolin and just announced a September show with Mad Caddies. You can close your eyes in Dickens to any of those shows and be teleported to your younger days on Race City Speedway at Vans Warped Tour.

If you ain’t got no place to go on the 14th or 15th of July, make sure you go to this. Hopefully you bought your tickets, because it will be sold out by the time you read this.

MxPx perform July 14 and 15 at Dickens (Calgary).