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Boris – Dear

Monday 10th, July 2017 / 11:16
By Gareth Watkins

Sargent House

Dear was supposed to be, if not the end of Atsuo, Takeshi and Wata’s 25-year career, then at least the end of an era – a Dear John letter firing their audience. Then, at some point in the recording process, they changed their tripartite mind, reaffirmed their commitment to all-caps ROCK and made… a Boris record. Not as good as their breakthrough Pink, maybe a little better than Noise; not a self-conscious (or maybe not) pop pastiche like New Album and Attention Please and also not a four-part drone saga like The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked. It is at times ethereal, at other times like the final strung-out moments of The Stooges’ “L.A Blues.” It’s post-everything all of the time, but not totally inaccessible, and if you want to jump onboard with one of the consistently least annoying experimental rock bands then start here and circle back to Pink.

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