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Monday 10th, July 2017 / 13:32


By Gareth Watkins

Relapse Records

I’m calling it: saxophones do not belong in metal music. I know that somebody is going to jump right into the comments section to defend 10, but c’mon. Maybe a dozen musicians (all of whom are now dead) can turn them into fonts of transcendent brilliance, but mostly they’re shiny tubes that make fart sounds.

EX EYE, is Colin Stetson, low-key indie rock’s go-to guy for some sax; a guy from forgettable experimental rock concern Secret Chiefs 3 and the drummer from perennial hipster-metal punchline Liturgy. If you’ve heard post-rock and post-metal recently then you’ve heard this, but better or, in Liturgy’s case, pretty much the same but with vocals instead of an overgrown and overcomplicated kazoo. Yes, Greg Fox is a skilled drummer, but skill is not soul, and if you’re fucking with the sax, even in the context of blackened post-metal you’re inviting comparisons to John Coltrane, who had both.

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Downway: The Return of Pop-Punk Supreme

Downway: The Return of Pop-Punk Supreme

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