Taco Fest at Swangard Stadium

Monday 10th, July 2017 / 20:54

Swangard Stadium
July 8, 2017

By Dan Potter

VANCOUVER – The third annual Taco Fest brought together a wide variety of crowd-pleasing events and edibles with the addition this year of live wrestling along side the great local music performers. With over twenty different food vendors and merchants this steadily growing festival was as much a feast for the stomach as it was for the ears. This year the dominant music genre was all things rock which turns out is the perfect accompaniment to hot spicy tacos.

Big John Bates

The mainstage performances kicked off in style with Colby Morgan & The Catastrophes and their energetic take on piano rock complete with heavy backbeats and neo-psychedelic guitar leads. Punching in after each music performance was some local organized wrestling from All Star Wrestling as well as Girls Gone Wrestling. The entertaining characters such as The Waspette or Mr. India played really well to the crowd who loved every provocation emanating from the ring.

Hosts Melody Mangler and April O’ Peel kept things humorous for each musical introduction insuring any drops in entertainment were kept at a minimal. The set by Matt Hoyles showed that the fiery and passionate Blues man makes a great addition to the local Rhythm and Blues scene with his sorcery over that red Gibson guitar really revving up the crowd. Year of The Wolf brought together a three-guitar assault with plenty of dense moodiness. Their on stage energy was undeniable and added an unexpected positive vibe to the otherwise head down overdriven tones.

Colby Morgan and the Catastrophes

Fourth on the music bill was Cawama who wasted no time in getting the Surf-Punk party started. Their dueling Fender guitars were super infectious and even inspired one of the wrestlers to jump on stage for some impromptu dancing. This Dick Dale influenced set threaded nicely into some all out Alt-Rock with Black Out Lights. Their set mixed 90s grooves and Bowie covers so well they were called back for an encore. Up next was Los Furios who over saw the giant Pinata Toss and then proceeded to tear the place up with their nine-piece band hard rocking Ska anthems.

Headliner Big John Bates didn’t come to disappoint as the bright sunny sports field plunged into darkness. The garage Rock tinged Psychobilly experts put on a wild spectacle working their well-tuned stage antics to the bone and not sparing a single moment from the relentless film noir inspired Dracula awaking grooves. Their set was definitely a show topper with sparks flying over the drummers cymbals and the double bassist playing her parts with the massive sub frequency instrument lifted up and back behind her head. It was the perfect end to a ten-hour day.