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Rocket From Russia – Siberian Radio Personality Celebrates Vancouver’s Punk Rock Scene With Two-Day Festival

Monday 17th, July 2017 / 10:59
By Johnny Papan

VANCOUVER – Tim Bogdachev is the eccentric radio personality who hosts the punk-rock Rocket from Russia program on CiTR 101.1. Moving to Canada from the city of Novosibirsk, Siberia in 2005, Bogdachev was proactive in immersing himself within Vancouver’s punk community.

“Me being me, before the trip I went on the Russian dial-up Internet, found some Vancouver punk rock forum and started talking to people on there.” Bogdachev explains. After connecting with Tim Krysko who runs the Punk International website, Bogdachev was soon introduced to Eric Flexyourhead, who hosted CiTR’s hardcore radio show Flex Your Head from 1989-2007. “I ended up as a guest and talked about the Russian punk scene in broken English on Eric’s show. This is how I found out that CiTR existed.”

Now, Bogdachev is the host of his own CiTR program, Rocket to Russia, which airs Thursdays at 10am. The show features local and international punk music, as well as artist interviews. To date, Bogdachev has spoken with high-profile acts such as Against Me!, the Descendants, Anti-Flag, Lagwagon, and Gogol Bordello, to name a few. Bogdachev learned much of his interviewing skills from Nardwuar, the Human Serviette, who also runs a weekly CiTR program. “His level of knowledge, research and awareness always fascinated me. To this day I learn things from him. I’m a curious person as well, so I’m really interested in bands which I like.”

Rocket to Russia Festival is set to be one of the final shows to grace Vancouver’s locally renowned Media Club, which will be sadly shutting its doors in August. This two-day event will feature some of Vancouver’s best punk outfits, including the Isotopes, You Big Idiot, the Corps, Contra Code and Bogdachev’s own band: Russian Tim and the Pavel Bures.

“I’ve done many shows at this venue. I really like the room, I do shows for 100-150 people. I’m confident that a punk show must have that energy of a full room.” Bogdachev continues: “Media Club is great because there is nothing else to do, no pool, no pinball machines. You have to watch the band. I like that because I really think those bands are great and people should watch them.”

When asked about the parallels between the Canadian and Russian punk rock communities, Bogdachev states: “The similarity is that there is the same passion for punk music, that rebellious desire and DIY approach. That’s what drives both scenes.” Bogdachev continues: “In my opinion, to have a strong scene you need to have quite a few factors come together. At the same geographical location you need to have people who want to play punk rock music, people who would listen to people play punk rock and places for all that to happen.”

“With the closure of Media Club I would have to migrate to another location to do our shows, so if any bar owner wants to have five great local bands play at their bar, we’re open for a conversation. You’ll sell booze, we’ll bring 150 people and drink your booze.“

Rocket to Russia Festival takes place on July 21 and 22 at the Media Club in Vancouver.

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