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The New Pornographers Life Imitates Art

The New Pornographers Life Imitates Art

by Christine Leonard VANCOUVER – Orchestrating the polyphonic activities of the Vancouver-spawned supergroup known as The New Pornographers for over…


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Drezo Represents his Past, Present and Future With New Record

Thursday 20th, July 2017 / 11:09
By Vanessa Tam

VANCOUVER – Just under a decade old, EDM in North America is experiencing a shift in energy. Underground artists who were once on the cusp of “making it” and “defining the scene” are now transitioning into veteran positions, signing to major labels and starting their own imprints; paving the way for a new generation of artists to come up and make a name for themselves.

Enter Drezo. Now 26 years old, the young producer entered the scene just five short years ago by winning a coveted performance slot at EDC Orlando. Since then, Drezo has carved out a secure position for himself in a crowded North American scene by creating music that favours the darker and more sinister side of EDM. “I started making electro house and dubstep in 2010,” he says, explaining how he came to develop his signature production style. “[Then] over the next couple years it went into random techno stuff [that] I liked to make. I always connected to house music more and once I heard a proper set on a good system, I was hooked. After that I tried creating a style of house/electro house with a minimal/evil twist, which is what I think people refer to as my ‘signature sound.’”

Cosigned by industry greats Dillon Francis, Diplo, Zedd and Porter Robinson to name a few, Drezo was able to collaborate with some of the biggest names in EDM early on in his career. As for a producer that he hasn’t been able to work with yet? “There are a few, but I’ll shoot for the moon and say Skrillex,” he exclaims. “I’ve always wanted to make the most upsetting thing possible with him.”

A machine when it comes to making and releasing new music, Drezo uses motivation from others to keep his momentum going. “It gets harder to keep up [with all the travelling I’m doing] but I’m super competitive so I think that’s what keeps me going,” he explains. “I always feel like some 16 year old is going to beat me to the punch. Also once I feel inspired or think of something I put it down in Ableton or where ever [right away]. Even if I don’t feel like continuing the idea that day, I have something to start with the next time I sit down to work.”

True to form, Drezo just released a new record that drives home his overall vision as an artist in just three deadly tracks. “There’s a hard hitting electro track, ‘Dead’, that represents the old me,” he says. “There’s a deeper, eerie track, ‘Real’, that represents the current me. And Jaded, the title track, is the future of the project.”

Drezo performs at Celebrities Nightclub on Friday, July 21st and his new EP Jaded is available now on iTunes and Apple Music.

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