Thursday 27th, July 2017 / 13:35
By Jamie Goyman

VANCOUVER – Having been an active producer for the past seven years Neel, known to friends and family as Giuseppe Tillicei, has been bringing his ambient textures to ears everywhere. Interested in creating exploratory and technical soundscapes since his early teen years, the Rome based producer has found himself reaching audiences who share that same enthusiasm.

Fusing ambient and techno into captivating rhythmic patterns, Tillicei continues to grab hold of listeners with his fluid and obscure music resonating from deep within. Finding backing through labels Prologue, Silent Season and Spectrum Spools, Tillicei has taken the inspirational aesthetics and scenery allotted to him and transformed it into sonic works of art. Case in point being his 2014 debut solo release Phobos, a minimal record full of detail. “When you focus on something in the small details,” he tells, “you can see the universe, in the microscopic you can see the macroscopic.”

It’s the type of mindset that deserves the praise received as a DJ, producer and certified tech head as he shares his boundless freedom for listeners to escape and let go. “I think the only thing you have to do when creating is lose yourself in what you are doing,” he explains. “I think this is the best approach when making something interesting. Phobos was not an easy album; it’s a complex ambient project, I’m very happy about the sound design on it and was very surprised [with] how Phobos was received. Now I know that people are ready to listen to music like that.”

Having worked both solo and as a duo, Neel has a grasp of where he wants to be artistically and the surge he has experienced over the last few years doesn’t seem to be letting up. Having worked with Donato Dozzy on the project Voices From The Lake throughout the years, the two have worked out the perfect studio recipe to feed off of and blend with one another. “It’s important to find the right balance,” explains Tillicei. “We both know our skill-sets so we give room to each other during the creative process. We’ve known each other for a long time; we not only have spent a lot of time together experiencing many things, but we happen to be very close in musical direction and taste.”

Through working with Donato and creating his individual works, Tillicei has been etching out a perfectly blended and unique quality to his artistic identity, something fans can see a lot more of in 2017. “This year is very prolific for me,” he shares. “Starting with some tracks that will appear on Semantica for the 10th anniversary, the collab with Svreca, as Voices From The Lake on Spazio Disponibile, my EPs on Spazio Disponibile is and Auxiliary, then after summer there will be another ep out and few remixes.”

Step into his world when he comes through and experience where this rhythmic mastermind plans to take his audience. The AV for his live sets are out of this world, the work used to Phobos debut at Mutek in 2014 was just awe inspiring. “The first time I saw it completely was at the show because I wanted to experience it for the first time with a crowd. It was quite an experience!”

Neel performs music from his project Voices From The Lake at Open Studios on Friday, July 28th

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