Pickwick Provide A Refuge In Uncertain Times

Thursday 27th, July 2017 / 16:24
by Adam Deane

Photo by Ellie Lillstrom

VANCOUVER – Well, it’s happened. The three-way lovechild of Freddy Mercury, Dan Auerbach and Stevie Wonder has been unearthed – and where else but right here in the Pacific Northwest.

I know what you’re thinking… That must be one handsome child. You are correct, my friends. Not only is Pickwick’s lead vocalist, Galen Disston a looker; the soul leaches from his lips like that of the speakers on your Grandpa’s old Crosley Fiver.

Disston and the band have been working day and night to record what will become the record all the hipsters, folksters, hip-hopsters and rocksters will be grooving collectively to all Summer. Lovejoys, Pickwick’s most recent creation will be available for the public to devour as of July 7.

Of the new record, Disston stressed he would love the songs to be an escape from uncertain times both politically and beyond. Pickwick has always been a band that takes risks to constantly evolve in an ever-mutating Seattle music scene.

“I think we did feel a lot of pressure after our first record, Can’t Talk Medicine, to make a good commercial follow-up to please the fans, but honestly I think because we went through so many incarnations of the record, we had to sort of shed all of those expectations and get to a place where we found something that we enjoyed making. It was something we needed to get out.”

Disston has that alarming, catch-you-off-guard honesty and soft-disposition for the out-of-control fire hose he is on stage. Admitting that the band is still on the proverbial cusp that separates slap-you-in-the-face-reality and the idea of actually making a career out of playing an instrument and pouring your heart out to a crowd, Disston seems to find an odd balance most of us are still searching for. Rather than fighting the current, he draws inspiration from his day job as a window-washer, his family-life in the organic music capital of the world (Seattle) and the harsh realities that exist in our world today.

Lovejoys was the product of an escape in and of itself and the tracks are reminiscent of a simpler time, one that involved more love, fewer problems and lower gas-prices.

“It was a very different experience. It feels like a destination. It felt that way while we were recording it. While I listen to it, it’s almost like I can return to that time and place. We’d written and recorded a lot of it before things changed politically here, but shit just seems crazy. It was an escape for us to go down to the basement and write and record music.”

You always hope that the tracks in which you hand your conscious-self to give just as much pleasure and comfort to the artists while producing them.

Lovejoys couldn’t be more appropriately named. With its smooth tones, easy-listening vibes and just a hint of maniacal genius, smiles are laced throughout every track – you can’t help but to finish and brag about it to any moving-body
who’ll listen.

Pickwick perform at the Rickshaw Theatre on July 29.

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