Let’s Get Jucy August 2017 

Sunday 30th, July 2017 / 09:50
By Paul Rodgers 

Catch Fixate on August 25.  
Photo by Chelone Wolf

CALGARY – August certainly seems to be pulling out all the stops before the autumn months come creeping up on us like the orange-bellied, lukewarm prick that it is. For those of you unable to attend festivals outside of Calgary, know that there is no short supply of amazing artists coming through the city this month to slake your cravings for music-induced euphoria.  

As my esteemed associate Colin did an excellent preview on the festival last month I won’t dwell long upon it, but I need to at least mention once more that you can catch Ms. Lauryn HillMigosAnderson .Paak and RZA performing as Bobby Digitaat One Love Music Festival on August 4 at Max Bell. Absolutely mental.  

With Shambhala right around the corner, news of pre and post Sham parties are popping up all over the map. On August 5 at the HiFi definitely try and catch LA’s Crywolf. A relatively new producer and multi-instrumentalist, his music weaves multiple sounds into a remarkably cohesive and fresh sound. And of course, as with many up and coming artists, as he is sure to find a great deal of success, it’s always a good bet to catch them in as intimate a setting as the Hifi. Vibes!  

Chasing Summer Music Festival takes place once again on August 5 and 6 at Max Bell Centre and features some titans in the EDM realm including TiestoZedd, Infected Mushroom and What So Not. There are a few names peppered throughout that should appeal to those less wowed by the big-room names such as Rezz, The Funk Hunters, Delta Heavy and Bleep Bloop 

One of the founding member’s of hip-hop collective Doomtree, P.O.S. performs at Dickens with Transit22 and Brom, who is releasing his new album, opening things up. This goes down August 11.  

Another instalment of New Wave takes place at the HiFi on August 17 featuring locals OAKK, Preacher Please and Metafloor as well as blooming Berlin bass music artist Mad Zach. He performed at this year’s Coachella and has been on a music-producing spree.  

UK’s Fixate performs on August 25. He has only been around since 2014 but he has been making sizeable waves both with his cutting-edge solo music, which circumnavigates a jungle-type terrain while straying into other uncharted regions, but also as one seventh of supergroup Richie Brains. Get your gun fingers prepped and ready.  

Perhaps the most anticipated and intriguing of concerts on this list has to be South Africa’s freakiest export, Die Antwoord. They are performing at the BMO Centre on August 30 and it is sure to be a memorable spectacle to say the least. From their haunting music videos, their work on major films like Chappie, their cryptic interviews and social media presence, claims that they are breaking up, to of course their raucous music itself, which is a hybrid of hip-hop and rave music, they are one of the most captivating acts around.  

One of the best parties of the year is back once again closing out the month on August 31, the HiFi Alley Party, this year featuring Montreal’s Project Pablo. He delivered one of the standout house sets at this summer’s Bass Coast festival and is guaranteed to deliver the goods to that always memorable alley rave. 

As per usual, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] if there have been some egregious lapses in coverage or if you have some hot-ticket item that warrants mentioning. Have fun, do all the things that I would do.

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