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Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers w/ The Lumineers Live at Rogers Arena

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers w/ The Lumineers Live at Rogers Arena

By Jennie Orton Rogers Arena August 17, 2017 Apologies to the always lovely Lumineers, who began their opening set with…

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DRI HIEV: Jarring rockers release Drip

Monday 31st, July 2017 / 11:48
By Sarah Kitteringham

CALGARY – Since their inception in 2013, DRI HIEV has been consistently releasing music that is emotionally disarming. It’s ugly, jarring, and unusual: a mixture of early industrial and post-punk, channeling the weirdness of Kraut rock. Across their four recordings, the band has cemented their status in Alberta’s burgeoning noise scene, rubbing elbows with Melted Mirror, Rhythm of Cruelty and PMMA while blasting eardrums and curling toes.

“You’ve seem to have accurately described our sound for us! We’ve never been 100 per cent sure which genres we fit with,” begins vocalist Carter Crough, who formed the band in 2013 in Grande Prairie. Guitarist and programmer Dan Auger, and bassist Kyle Crough join him. The trio relocated to Calgary shortly after their formation, striving for the fellowship of a stronger scene.

“When we moved, it took us a while to find the scene. Dan and I are fairly anxious people so it was difficult to approach other artists. Luckily, Kyle is much more socially confident and dived straight into the scene, introducing us to groups we were initially intimidated by. Now we know there’s a home here for us. We couldn’t be more grateful to the freaky people that support DRI HIEV.”

The band has cultivated a unique following based on their early-Ministry-meets-Bauhaus-meets-ear shredding-feedback sound. On the musically and metaphorically loaded DRIP, they’ve played up their Big Black worship to extreme effect. Indeed, the title could be interpreted many ways. It seems this release was recorded in a dripping basement, the ugly snare sound reminiscent of the monstrous one found on Songs about Fucking (1987). The song titles are also allegorically related to being a “drip”— as in, a weak and ineffectual person.

DRIP, at first, was an inside joke about us. Referring to our slow writing process and short releases,” admits Crough.

“But once again, you’re observations are correct, drip also is implying to being a weakling. Most of the lyrics are ambiguously (and selfishly) written about myself.

Referencing themes of pulpy science fiction and true crime to my personal experiences. It’s always been an outlet for frustration. I usually feel way better about myself after writing a silly song, poking fun and shedding light on my emotions.”

See DRI HIEV on tour across Canada. The band plays July 27 at Heck Haus (Lethbridge), July 29 at Handsome Daughter (Winnipeg), July 30 at The Apollo (Thunder Bay), July 31 at Gore Street Café (Sault St. Marie), August 1 at the Asylum (Sudbury), August 3 at the Baby G (Toronto), August 5 on Forbidden City (London), August 6 at Doors Pub (Hamilton),  August 10 at Vangelis Tavern (Saskatoon), August 11 at Captain’s Cabin (Medicine Hat), and August 12 at the Brixx (Edmonton).

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