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John Maus Makes Music About The Wrong Apocalypse

John Maus Makes Music About The Wrong Apocalypse

By Graeme Wiggins VANCOUVER – Often musicians let their music do the talking, making interviews short, occasionally insightful but rarely…


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Blake Unruly: Building Community Through Folk  

Thursday 03rd, August 2017 / 10:00
By Chase Key 

Blake Unruly touring his folk tunes east of the rockies

CALGARY – “In a sense, I’m just a dude making music, as we are all global citizens now but I have a passion for being Canadian that I didn’t foster myself,” begins Blake Unruh, who goes by the stage name Blake Unruly.

“Road tripping across the country was part of my childhood… I am just grateful for what it is and what it gives to me. It is better as people to focus on small areas like the cities we live in. I don’t always think about it but Canada is rad.”  

Blake’s sound changes depending on the season, or the musicians backing him up, but an acoustic guitar and soulful folk singing are his staples. He writes stripped-down folk music that is centred on clean, rhythmic guitar playing and witty lyricism that is both inspired and cynical in its own way.  

“Sometimes it is difficult when someone’s energy doesn’t fit with the song, it is not always about skill with an instrument, it is about getting the feel or vibe of a song. Sometimes great things come out of it or sometimes the energy just isn’t there… Right now I am mostly solo, I have a kit drum and pedals… my feet and limbs become the obstacles. But all I want is just for something true to happen… I just want it to be genuine.”  

He describes himself as a community minded musician, saying, “I have lived in several different places… I have learned how to get into scenes. Some groups become too into their own scenes, but I enjoy playing for new people. I have started open mic nights near my home and just enjoy getting to know my local community. I also studied music therapy and want people to feel when they leave that they had a good connection not only with me but others there as well. People are all looking for community. We are all so close to other people but we don’t know our neighbors.”   

As far as what he hopes the future holds, Blake says “the dream is being a music therapist and touring with a band across Canada, maybe other places… Just end up doing positive things with music… But honestly I am living the dream right now.”

Blake Unruly will be playing August 11 at Nite Owl (Calgary) and a second “secret” show on August 12 (Calgary).


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