And Now for Something Else

Sunday 06th, August 2017 / 12:00
By Jodi Brak

Dent May plays Calgary on August 29 at The Palomino Smokehouse & Bar.  
Photo by Dent May


Oakville, Ontario’s prog titans Saga regretfully announced their retirement after 40 years of making prog-rock music in Canada and touring the globe. With 22 albums to their name since the group’s inception in 1977, they are no slacker in the Canadian music scene. Fans have one final chance to catch the trippy, laser-and-light filled experience of their live show before the group hangs up their instruments and moves on to new things. Saga will playing the Grey Eagle Event Centre in Calgary on August 12.  


Ever wondered what it would sound like if somebody started a punk rock band with a 12-string acoustic guitar and an electric violin? Wonder no more! Vancouver’s AK-747s will fill that void in your life with their raw, live-off-the-floor energy. Their sound isn’t what you’d expect, and it is definitely worth a listen for fans of more stripped-down punk. AK-747s perform at the Nite Owl in Calgary on August 26.  

Dent May  

Looking for some Animal Collective backed, weird art-pop infused rock music to round out your weekend? Let Dent May fill that void. Originally from Mississippi but now operating out of Los Angeles, Dent May’s music lays in that middle ground between socially relevant rock music and purely fun pop. For every synth rhythm, there is an easily distinguishable guitar line in the background, giving the music a sort of duality. Dent May will playing at The Palomino on August 29, just 11 days after his newest album Across the Multiverse drops via Carpark Records.  

Against Me!  

Against Me! Is a punk band that has undergone a myriad of changes over the years, gaining the spotlight with a string of hits and remaining there as lead vocalist Laura Jane Grace underwent a gender transition in the early 2000’s. The group has continued to pump out emotionally honest punk tunes, focusing recently on issues of transphobia and the struggles of the transgender community. Against Me! will be playing the Marquee stage in Calgary on September 6.


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