Ty Segall w/ Dopey’s Robe & The Intelligence Service Live at the Vogue Theatre

Monday 07th, August 2017 / 11:54
By Jeevin Johal

Photo by Galen Exo

The Vogue Theatre
Aug 3, 2017

VANCOUVER – On Thursday evening, Dopey awoke from his slumber in a smoky haze; The air stinging his eyes and throat. He stepped over Sleepy and a few of his other brothers before reaching into the closet for his favourite Hawaiian print robe, readying himself to join his bandmates for some surfy, psych rock. Along with the Intelligence Service, Dopey’s Robe fired up the engines for Master of Shreds, Ty Segall, who would soon blast the Vogue Theatre off into outer space.

Photo By Galen Exo

The crowd was ripe in both anticipation and odour, as Vancouver’s continuing heatwave wore off the last of the day’s deodorant. Nevermind the sweat though because as soon as Ty exploded onto stage, ripping into “Break a Guitar,” the suds began to soar. The cool caress of a few flying drops of Pilsner became the refreshing solution to a possible heatstroke.

The staging was simple, with no bells and whistles masking the raw talent of Segall. He stood stage left, allowing his band to be viewed in full effect, though remaining commander of his troops. Whether it was with subtle head nods or the operatic flailing of his axe, the band understood all the cues, knowing exactly where the next notes were to go.

Photo By Galen Exo

Ty’s influence in the fuzzy, psych rock community is vast, and having released 9 studio albums since 2008, he’s become an underground hero, helping push the genre into the mainstream. The beginning of the night focused on his latest release, Ty Segall [Drag City], but he didn’t neglect the favourites like “Squealer” and “Love Fuzz.”

In the wake of Levitation Festival being cancelled this year, it seems the Vancouver was hungry for a lineup like this. Segall, along with some of Vancouver’s finest, successfully filled that void with vibrance and aggression.

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