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Tyler, The Creator Moves Mountains And Shakes The Earf On Igor Tour 

Tyler, The Creator Moves Mountains And Shakes The Earf On Igor Tour 

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Preston: The Image and Sound of Generation Z 

Wednesday 09th, August 2017 / 09:40
By Jackie Klapak 

The emo-band-that-isn’t-really-very-emo that could.

EDMONTON – Like an unstoppable freight train running through the middle of the night, Preston is the (not-emo) emo band expelling anti-authoritarian sounds wrapped up in a meme-loving shell. Architecturally and visually inspired, the Edmonton post-punk band aims to create the DIY sounds no one else is making while exciting themselves and those around in the process. 

Mixed with varying time signatures, jazz punk drums and drone guitar, the identifiable Preston sound is inspired by things found in everyday life.  

“A lot of what I write is inspired by visual art and I try to base my guitar work on architecture,” explains riff curator and vocalist, Ezra Stanielson. He is joined by his bandmates Cormac, Brittany, and Zane.

“I think songs should be like buildings and have a structure. Art transfers easily into music because you can create a sound off of how something looks.”  

Alongside transcribing the imagery of everyday life, the dynamic crew of lo-fi punks contrast their doomsday sounds with personable, affable attitudes in hopes to separate themselves from the negativity in the world.  

“I want to be exciting,” exclaims Stanielson.

“I want people to be excited!” 

Throughout genre hopping and a few line-up changes, the goal has always remained consistent: to be confrontational in their sound and fun in their nature. While facing a common struggle of minimal spaces for youth bands to play, the group continues to progress their sound and craft.

The goal is to have Preston be the best in Edmonton, then Alberta, then Canada, then the world,” says Stanielson. While frequently denied spaces to play due to being just shy of the freeing age of 18, Preston pays homage to the other DIY acts creating inclusive spaces.

“People who are pushing culture forward are young people but it’s so hard to get youth involved,” claims Stanielson. 

Away from the onstage angst and antics, Preston has been busy recording new tracks and dedicating time into solidifying a sound they can truly call their own. After releasing multiple tapes since the beginning of the year, including There is a Wrong Way in June, the goal is to take time creating tracks to release a whole record by the end of the year. On track to play more shows and opening for Screaming Females in October, Preston is a stark and aggressive force moving fast and stealing hearts and inspiring many along the way.  


Preston released There Is a Wrong Way on cassette in June. You can stream or buy the release at

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