The Go-Getter Talks New Music, Art, Change and Creating New Life

Saturday 12th, August 2017 / 15:19
By Adam Deane

Jon Cohen takes everything he has learned and sinks it into the very unique new release Go Getters.

VANCOUVER – Defiance has been a growing trend as of late in Canada. Resisting governance, legalizing weed, and perpetually giving Uber the cold-shoulder. If you’re a visionary, at some point in your life you’ve defied at least once. If you’re a musician chances are you’ve broken at least one law, and if you’re not into the whole law-breaking thing, you could always defy something else; like genre, for instance.

Just look at Jon Cohen of JCEX (Jon Cohen Experimental). His music routinely defies genre, and he doesn’t even have to break any laws, regularly. Pinning him down for an intelligent exchange is tougher nowadays as he is in the process of birthing two babies. Go Getters, Jon’s shiny-new album, has a due-date of August 11th pending all goes well with labour and delivery. Jon also has a human-baby on the way set to be launched in November. Of his new baby, he stresses that it’s been a long-time coming. Wait, scratch that, reverse them.

This album will mark the 10-year anniversary of his favored Montreal band which has had what Jon refers to as a “revolving-door of talented musicians” move through over the decade. Staying trendy in one of the world’s most vibrant music scenes ain’t easy though. Upon further prodding, Jon offered-up a few of his secrets to staying the right amount of relevant enough to break new and weird ground on a routine-basis. Thought-provoking cover-art for instance. Go Getters was the result of a few madly creative minds coming together to form a whole and making some killer tunes along that route. Cohen is keen to the connection between all forms of art, so the cover was very important to him; important enough to change the name of the album to better fit the portrayal. “The art represents the innocence we are killing. Our ability to have any kind of freedom taken away piece by piece. It depicts the purest manifestation of good taken away by Swat officers.”

And it does the trick; provocation at it’s finest.

Jon has something that a lot of other artists are in constant rabid, unconscious-hunt for, and that is a comfortable restraint. Both his voice and lyrics lift you to a place akin to your grandmother’s garden on acid. It’s pleasantly satisfying with just the right amount of kooky; like biting into a ripe-plum with your pants on your head. If you dig a smooth, hypnotic, soul-moving beat that allows you to transcend and tip-toe over the daily trials and tribulations of this whole thing we’re all living in right now, I would strongly suggest not missing the birth of one of this man’s babies.

Jon and his Experimentals will be at the Astoria on August 16.