James Vincent McMorrow Mines His Ethereal Appeal to Show Us The Meaning of True Care.

Saturday 12th, August 2017 / 15:11
By Adam Deane

True Care is James Vincent McMorrow’s love letter to instinct and the imperfection of reality.

VANCOUVER – With buzzwords like organic and real popping-up around every corner nowadays, it seems we as a society have stapled monetary value to these concepts. Unbeknownst to us, there are artists that come around every few moons who remind us words like these are not specific to that bag of gluten-free quinoa vegetable puffs we’ve been inhaling faster than a Vancouver Summer. No, true to form, these artists knock us right out of our cork-bedded sandals sending us tumbling to the ground to rethink our relationship with whoever bestowed vocal gifts among us. James Vincent McMorrow is one of those lucky Irish lads chosen in this otherworldly lottery.

Ask anyone who has heard his vocals; after they collect themselves, they’ll tell you of his falsettos that could bring the burliest of individuals to tears. They’ll tell you of his prolific ability to release studio albums at record-breaking rates; quality albums, at that.

They may even compare him to other Irish greats like Damien Rice, Lisa Hannigan or Glen Hansard. The best part is that his head appears to be screwed on just the same as you or I. He appears to deal with the same problems all of us are struggling with, and he’s pretty damn open about it.

Having the opportunity to catch-up with James after a fresh swim in the Irish Sea, he confirmed he is in fact a human, not an angel.

Of his new album and fourth studio release True Care, he made sure to drive the point home that nothing we create is perfect, and he wouldn’t want it to be.

“This album is life, it’s the life I’ve lived up to this point, it’s the one that might be ahead of me. And sometimes life is magical. But other times it’s scary and fucked… honestly most times it’s scary and fucked. It moves in and out of rhythm constantly. It’s rarely slick, rarely untouchable. Yes, you can capture some of those ideas in words, sounds; but if this album was going to feel like a true life, have it deep in its bones, then it needed to be instinctual and not laboured over to the point where it became that intangible unreal thing… real things are always a little fucked up is what I’m trying to say I guess.”

With that being said True Care is an accurate depiction of the reality we live in today. One human’s portrayal of a deep-set, at times agonizingly lovely journey that we have somehow all been fortunate enough to embark on, together, at this time. This is the record James is most proud of.

If you’d like to cross paths with a human who’s heart is firmly nailed to his sleeve, you should probably grab someone you love (and you’re not embarrassed to cry in front-of) and catch McMorrow live in concert while you can.

James Vincent McMorrow plays the Vogue Theatre (Vancouver) on August 15

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