Tough Age – Unclean EP

Thursday 17th, August 2017 / 10:30
By Bryce Dunn

Tough Age
Unclean EP
Mint Records

After two full lengths, an EP, and a couple of digital-only delicacies last year, you get the feeling that Toronto-via-Vancouver’s trio of scrappy pop purists have got this Kiwi-wave (think The Clean, Look Blue Go Purple et al.) worship down to a T. But did you think that’s all you were going to get in their return to the realm of waxy plastic? “Guess Not” barks bassist Penny Clark, as the band blasts through a bubblegum-punk ode to misguided affections in a New York minute. Clark quickly catches her breath and conjures up Mary Timony-cool for “Not That Bad” delivering slinky bass licks while drummer Jesse Locke lays down an effortless backbeat of syncopated boom baps. Finishing things off is Jarrett Samson’s introspective trip of slash ‘n’ swirl guitar on “Unclean” just so we don’t forget his fondness for some Flying Nun Records fun. With these three tracks you have yourself another fine collection of Tough Age tuneage to add to your collection.