VIDEO PREMIERE: Leisure Club -“Still Young”

Friday 18th, August 2017 / 19:53
by Willem Thomas

Leisure Club celebrate the fleeting days of summer in their new music video. Photo by Shayd Johnson

Soon, we’ll grimly accept summer’s passing and try to make some sense of what’s left of our youth after another year has passed. In their new video for “Still Young”, Leisure Club, a local indie-pop band boasting members of Bestie and Tough Lovers, revel in the days of summer and explore that idea of getting older but trying to make the most of life while your age still allows. “Still Young” is the second single off their upcoming LP, and the video (directed by the fuck / love club) is a blissed-out waltz through a series of low-key kaleidoscopic scenes featuring an attractive young couple enjoying what’s left of summer—going for ice cream, hanging at the beach, playing a casual game of table tennis, etc. According to their website, Leisure Club was formed with the member’s mutual interest in “living the most relaxed life possible”, but the underlying message in the video challenges that notion of a relaxed life; get outside and experience life and love while you’re still young.

Leisure Club play The Cobalt on August 27.



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