2 Chainz at the Commodore Ballroom

Monday 21st, August 2017 / 17:59
By Zak Johnson

2 Chainz – Photo by Galen Exo

Commodore Ballroom
August 18, 2017

2 Chainz is a name that boasts a lot of traction among modern hip-hop fans. The wildly popular trap artist from Atlanta sold out the 1000-person capacity Commodore Ballroom in advance of his show on August 18. As well, hundreds of people arrived much earlier than the concert’s start time at 9:30 pm in anticipation of 2 Chainz’s performance.

However, no one performed at 9:30. Instead, the DJ played music for about an hour before a local hip-hop artist jumped on stage to try to stop the awkward delay. Unfortunately for the opener, the crowd was anxious about 2 Chainz’s absence and spared the rapper little attention.

The curtains finally rose after 11:00 pm at the Commodore to reveal the “Trap Choir” (a set of three R&B singers) to kick off 2 Chainz’s show for the night. After a minute or two of soothing music, a sexy nurse rolled 2 Chainz on stage in a pink wheelchair. But, the wheelchair and nurse were not gimmicks, and 2 Chainz never took a step on stage that night.

2 Chainz – Photo by Galen Exo

Not long after 2 Chainz started his Pretty Girls Love Trap Music tour, he broke his leg and underwent surgery to repair it. 2 Chainz’s doctors even advised him to cancel his tour. Instead, after 2 Chainz somewhat recovered from his injury, he called his management and found a way to continue his tour without the use of his legs.

Even with 2 Chainz’s lengthy delay and injury, the crowd was incredibly enthusiastic and receptive to the hip-hop artist’s revised concert. 2 Chainz kicked off his concert with the trap-heavy “Riverdale Road” from his new album Pretty Girls Love Trap Music, before going into other songs off the same album such as “Big Amount”, “It’s a Vibe” and “Saturday Night”. However, 2 Chainz didn’t stray too far from his previous work and touched on several songs from B.O.A.T.S. II, and COLLEGROVE.

2 Chainz – Photo by Galen Exo

To 2 Chainz’s credit, he found a way to utilize his condition and creatively alter the presentation of his concert. While 2 Chainz himself was not mobile, his backup dancers, nurses, and choir singers stepped in to fill the void that was meant to be occupied by the 6’5” trap artist. Furthermore, even in his condition, 2 Chainz still communicated effectively with his fans and had tremendous energy in his delivery throughout his set.