With ‘Loot For the Taking,’ Author Don Levers Finds Inspiration in Infamous Vancouver Heist

Monday 21st, August 2017 / 17:44
by Adam Deane

Has there ever been a time where you’ve finished a book, set it down on the table, and pretended, if just for a moment, you were the scribe of this masterpiece you’ve just finished? Certainly you must be a reclusive, creative genius living in the backwoods of New Hampshire, posted-up in your tiny shed with nothing but a typewriter, the finest whiskey one can buy, and an aging Newton’s cradle on your solitary shelf.

Sure, there are authors out there like that. And, just the same, there are authors out there who are hard-working, dedicated fathers, mothers, sisters, husbands, and wives who work 10-hour days, come home, make dinner, and still find the time to pen another page into their 2004 iBook.

We have respect for both types, of course, though there is a certain accessibility that follows the latter of the two. Don Levers is one of those writers. And somehow, he found the time to write a fictional account of one of the greatest bank-heists to ever hit our fine city — the 1977 robbery of the Vancouver Safety Deposit Vault, formerly located on 402 West Pender.

Levers, although seemingly your run-of-the-mill dad with a great heart, is much, much more. In fact, he hit it big with his first piece: a children’s book based on everyone’s favourite lake monster, Ogopogo. At the time, Levers was living in Kelowna and had a bit of a personal encounter with the creature. Of course, he was also a new father and felt the need to embrace his inner-child, spit his imagination onto some paper, and the rest was history. Still to this date, Ogopogo: The Misunderstood Lake Monster, is one of the best-selling children’s books in the Okanagan.

Lavers then leveraged his enthusiasm for life, quirky sense of humour, and taste for historical elements of his home province to create a story that would ultimately take him over 25 years to finish. Loot For The Taking follows four run-of-the-mill Average Joes as they try to pull off one of the greatest crimes ever committed: the robbery of a Vancouver safety deposit vault.

If you value hard-working, independent artists who have poured their heart and soul into a project, if names like D.B. Cooper, Butch Cassidy, or Jesse James ring a bell, or if you’ve ever dreamt of robbing a high-security vault yourself, I would strongly urge that you steal a copy of Loot For The Taking.

Loot For The Taking by Don Levers is available for purchase on Amazon and at Chapters

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