VIDEO PREMIERE: R23X – “Threshold Guardian”

Tuesday 22nd, August 2017 / 11:54
By Vanessa Tam

VANCOUVER – “I don’t know what year it was I started wondering about the future, minus that it was post-2000 because I didn’t understand the significance of two-thousand until someone loosely explained it to my seven-year old self on New Year’s Eve, 1999.”

Mined from a two year old post in the Vaporwave subreddit, R23X had an innate interest in the future from a young age. Not in a traditional sense however, where everyone would have a flying car and a personal robot assistant which would eventually become the masters of the human race, but in a nostalgic sense where humans could find peace and comfort.

An experimental electronic music producer based in Vancouver, R23X, known commonly as Marc Junker, utilizes video game consoles, VCRs, field recordings, live instrumentation and vocalists, and samples of his own work to create lo-fi atmospheric beats. Returning from a brief musical hiatus with “Threshold Guardian,” a new track and music video, Junker eludes to the release of a forthcoming EP titled RE-GEN.

Animated by local filmmaker Denver Jackson, the futuristic 3D rendering was then recorded by Junker on VHS to achieve his signature future-nostalgia style.

R23X’s new album RE-GEN is set to release September 27.

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