Vancouver’s Hottest Hip Hop Night Celebrates 10 Years of the Good Life

Friday 25th, August 2017 / 11:13
By Justice Steer

Photo by Brandon Artis

VANCOUVER – It’s hard to think of Vancouver’s nightlife without Future repeatedly banging in the background or Hennesy on the rocks, but the city hasn’t always been as welcoming when it comes to hip hop culture. Flash back to 2006 with Matt Perry, Ian Pelen, Rico Cunanan and Michael Henry, also known as DJ Kutcorners, DJ Seko, DJ Rico Uno and DJ Marvel.

As previously established DJs in Vancouver, the four friends joined forces in 2006 to create a foursome of talent. Naming themselves The Freshest, they made their main objective bringing hip hop and reggae culture to the mainstream in Vancouver starting with their popular Wednesday night programming at the now defunct Lucy Mae Browns.

As the unnamed night continued to grow in popularity, the crew moved the weekly event to Republic nightclub and in the fall of 2007, established the name as Good Life. “The song ‘Good Life’ by Kanye West was introduced on an episode of Entourage,” says Culu, one of the hosts of Good Life who also goes by the name Curtis Lum. “We still haven’t stopped playing that song,” added Henry.

From low key to one of the biggest club nights in Vancouver, GoodLife Sundays at Republic has grown with the city, continuing to capture the attention of varying demographics. They have kept their tactics simple; implementing an authentic hip hop feel and creating a community within the night. Believe them when they say, “Love us on Sunday, Hate us on Monday.”

Over the years, Good Life has been lucky enough to features incredible hip hop artists from around the world including Tinashe, J.Cole. Kehlani, Mac Miller, Jazz Cartier, CMDWN, Night Lovell, Raekwon, 40oz Bounce, DJ Dahi. Cipha Sounds, DJ Wonder, Nick Catchdubs, Shash’U, DJ Bonics, DJ Amen, DJ Noodles , Jasmine Solano, Eskei83, Skratch Bastid, DJ Hedspin, Drewbyrd, Andre Power, Boogie Brown, Big Jacks, Beatnick, Blue Eyed Soul, Sean Cee, Jayemkayem, Gimmemar, Yuknodis, Ssticks, Dj Moma.

Join Good Life in celebrating their 10 year anniversary at Republic on August 27th


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