respectfulchild (敬兒) – 在找 ::searching:: 

Saturday 26th, August 2017 / 09:26


By Courtney Faulkner

Coax Records 

 respectfulchild (敬兒) is the instrumental violin project of Gan from Saskatoon’s Treaty 6 Territory. Their music is electronic in nature, through the use of loop pedals and abstract sounds, while being acoustically created, building experimental ambient soundscapes that are as hallucinatory as they are heavenly.

在找 ::searching:: is respectfulchild’s debut full-length album, meticulously crafted with feelings of curiosity, discomfort, contemplation, relief, and tension, that has the ability to invoke these feelings in the listener. It’s an exploration into the thoughts and anxieties that Gan toys with daily, opening more questions than it can answer, falling somewhere between searching and finding.

The album says so much, without a single word. Layers and loops overlap and intertwine, all one humble human’s intricate creation, to crescendo at peaks with the power to remind us of emotions we thought we’d forgotten. Their utilization of a minimal set-up focuses attention on the ebb and flow of their bubbling rhythms and hypnotic textures, imbued with little details that seem to come from outside of the album itself. 

respectfulchild’s classical training, which is evident through the complexity of each song, is paired with a freedom to explore new sounds foreign to even the trained ear, that ignite a fire of curiosity and mystery. With a sound that has been likened to artists such as Brian Eno, Nils Frahm, and Owen Pallett, one can also not resist the comparison to fellow rising star and violinist FOONYAP.

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