The Descendents Live At The Commodore Ballroom

Tuesday 29th, August 2017 / 17:36
By Graeme Wiggins

DESCENDENTS – Photo by Darrole Palmer

The Commodore Ballroom
Aug 24, 2017

VANCOUVER – The myth goes that the Descendents started off as more of a surf oriented power pop band and then when singer Milo Aukerman joined the band, the band began to drink an excessive amount of coffee which led to the band moving into a more melodic hardcore sound. Almost 30 years later, it would appear the band must still be imbibing that same amount, as their live show hasn’t slowed down with age.

DESCENDENTS – Photo by Darrole Palmer

They kick-started the set with “Everything Sucks,” a song seemingly tailor made to describe 2017 and continued through an hour and a half tour that spanned their whole career. They hit all of the classics: “Clean Sheets”,“Pervert”, even true silliness like “I Like Food.” Some of the earlier stuff came across as a little silly coming from the older punk rockers. It’s a little off to hear “My Dad Sucks”,“I Don’t Want to Grow Up” or even “Suburban Home” coming out of the mouth of a 54-year-old, but the songs are still good so it worked. Some of the newer stuff (from their 1996 reunion album Everything Sucks and beyond) slowed things down a touch and sounded a little same-y as the night went on, but lags were few and far between. The crowd really seemed to go for the older, faster stuff, and the Descendents more than gave them enough to chew on, even putting a Vancouver spin on classic “Van.”

DESCENDENTS – Photo by Darrole Palmer

The encores were hit-heavy with “Sour Grapes”, “Bikeage” and friend-zone anthem “I’m The One” ending the evening, proving that punk rock isn’t just a young man’s game.


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