Let’s Get Jucy: September 2017

Thursday 31st, August 2017 / 14:00
By Paul Rodgers 

Despite recent negative press, Bliss N Eso focus on positivity. 
By Dean Hammer

CALGARY – Good god it’s autumn again. This is an interesting September for yours truly, in that it is the first in four years that I am not returning to school. Feels good man! Here’s hoping that you all had summers rich with dancing, partially regrettable decisions and drained your bank accounts on festival, shows and various intoxicants. Anyways, here’s a bunch of shows I can’t go to: 

Justin Martin returns to the HiFi September 2. One of those just long-standing favourites, Dirtybird’s poster boy definitely seems to like it out here, making multiple stops in Calgary a year and performing at Bass Coast and Shambhala annually. It’s for good reason, his productions and live shows never disappoint.  

I was really, really hoping to lock down an interview with this artist, as he is a personal favourite of mine but it didn’t end up panning out. However, you should all know Bonobo well. The multi-instrumentalist is one of the single best producers within the realms of downtempo and melodic electronic music. He brings his riveting live show to the Palace Theatre on September 13.  

This right here is one outrageous lineup if I’ve ever seen one: Vanilla IceSalt-N-PepaRob Base and Biz Markie play at Winsport Arena at Canada Olympic Park on September 13. Don some neon, maybe some gigantic pants and a fanny-pack and get your nostalgic groove on! 

Masked and leather-clad dubstep trio Black Tiger Sex Machine perform at the Marquee on September 15. A tad too heavy on the screech and wonkiness for my cynical, decrepit old ears, but hey, if that’s your thing it should be one heck of a party, seems like they were pretty well received at this year’s Shambhala.  

Another festival favourite, Skiitour brings the winter early to the Palace theatre on September 16. Another good one for neon, but maybe sub out the fanny pack for some ski goggles. DON’T EAT THE SNOW! 

Australian hip-hop duo Bliss N Eso perform at Wild Bill’s on September 25 (Banff), the Forge on September 27 (Edmonton) and the Gateway on the 28 (Calgary). Though their career has been marred in recent years by some unfortunate occurrences, like having their music barred from Triple J, or a stuntman getting shot in the gut while filming one of their videos, their music is actually really sunny and enjoyable for the most part.
Rap giant Tech N9ne performs with his frequent collaborator Krizz Kaliko play the Marquee September 29.  

I shall personally be making the commute for Billy Kenny at the end of the month so I hope to see some familiar faces there, and will be covering Calgary artists at Fozzy Fest as well! Enjoy the month, see ya in October.

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