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Get Your Confessions Ready, Reverend Horton Heat is Back in Town

Tuesday 05th, September 2017 / 15:33
Written by Tanis Lischewski and Cameron Boyd

Reverend Horton Heat looks to turn Vancouver into a psychobilly boogie down – Photo by Bryan Regan

VANCOUVER – The 90’s are back, baby! …And so are the 50s! That’s right, Reverend Horton Heat will be coming to the Commodore Ballroom for a hopeful repeat of a milestone gig from the early 90s. They’ll be bringing along Strung Out as well as Larry and his Flask for support as they teach all the rockabilly Willys and psychobilly Jills out there how to eat and how to boogie down to some of the most exciting music that’s been coming out of Dallas, Texas for the last 32 years.

“We’re edgy, dirty rock and roll,” states the Reverend himself, eccentric frontman Jim Heath. The group is currently in the studio recording the follow-up to their highly successful record Rev, their highest grossing and most well received release to date. In what will be their second release with Victory Records, it seems that the best is yet to come. “I’ve all of a sudden got a lot of the best piano players in the world as my best friends,” Heath states. “I’m going to do a real hell of a job screaming and making unusual noises, that’s my goal.”

If this yet untitled album imparts any feelings of restlessness, or a sense of being in a manky, rank truck stop bar at around 11:37pm in a world that has shrunk to only as far as the foggy, tinted bar windows let yellowed light escape from, then Reverend Horton Heat will have really done the job of rolling themselves, their sound, their ethos and their studio together.

“I love it,” Heath elates. “The studio is awesome! It smells bad in here, it’s got a really crappy phone, and it’s, well, the walls are lined with shipping blankets! I love this place, when it gets quiet in here it’s a lot of fun.”

After over three decades, Reverend Horton Heat seems to have the rockabilly/psychobilly thing figured out. Heath has garnered the title of the godfather of both genres, but don’t tell him that- “Most of the time they say I’m the godfather of psychobilly and I don’t like that,” Heath claims., “There are so many people who do [rockabilly/psychobilly] in so many different ways, better than we do it.” While Jim may be humble, with track titles like “Baddest of the Bad,” “Big Red Rocket of Love,” “Victory Lap,” “Baby I’m Drunk,”  “Bales of Cocaine” and of course their Guitar Hero hit “Psychobilly Freakout,” it’s safe to say that Reverend Horton Heat knows exactly what they are and they’re the best at what they do. In a moment of unadulterated honesty, Heath gently slipped out the greatest of truths; “I’m the best Reverend Horton Heat style guitar player in the world.”

Reverend Horton Heat plays the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver on September 7

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