Death From Above – Outrage! Is Now 

Wednesday 06th, September 2017 / 11:13


By Jamie McNamara

Last Gang Records   

In the current music industry landscape, three years can feel like a damn long time. 

It’s hard to say that Death From Above (1979) are a legacy act, but Outrage! Is Now does its damndest to make the case, ultimately feeling less like DFA and more DOA. 

The Torontonian duo once known for deftly blending hard rock with proto-EDM return on the scene feeling like stale egalitarians preaching a “both sides are just as bad” apathetic message full of year-old cliché and rote, riff-rocky tunes. Instead of offering any semblance of thought-provoking lyrics, Outrage! stays on the sideline, instead pointing out the painfully obvious trends that anyone with an internet connection already knew. 

The most egregious lyric lies in “Freeze Me,” with Sebastien Grainger pondering “are we outside the safe spaces of love?” It reads like a cynical mockery of safe space initiatives that help minorities feel at home in scenes that often feel hostile to their very existence. 

Overall, Outrage! is a special kind of middling. Not outright terrible, but so mediocre that it makes you question if the band has always been this ok. Fond memories of the band’s past albums dissipate, leaving only a cloudy image of a band that once felt revolutionary dirtying that air with a gaseous explosion of radio rock gone awry.

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