Jen Gloeckner – VINE

Wednesday 06th, September 2017 / 10:00
By Andrew R. Mott

Spinning Head Records

Dark. Jilted. Discordant. Hopeful.

Jen Gloeckner’s first album in seven years and third full length studio album, VINE, opens with a self-titled track that sets a tone of struggle and discord that can be felt throughout the record. Restrained and ethereal in tone, Gloeckner’s vocals layer into the music and wash down with a feeling of a month’s grey skies. There is something strangely energizing to be found in the unrelenting waves of daily rain, yet with that comes the ever draining question as to whether or not respite will ever come. The album has a feeling of the need to surrender and become the grains of sand drifting in the rhythm of the waves, crashing back upon the rocks from which they were cut. Gloeckner cycles through a range of darker emotional tides in the album and even goes so far as to crest upon a ridge-line of brightness, skirting the edges of happiness with feet firmly grounded in melancholia. Full of vignettes of production that envelope the listener in seductive soundscapes, VINE is an album that wrestles with the more difficult feelings in life through a meandering sonic exploration and reflective dichotomy.

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