Lewis Black & Kathleen Madigan get on the bus out of dodge

Thursday 07th, September 2017 / 18:12
By Graeme Wiggins

Photo by Clay McBride

VANCOUVER – With Trump’s election to the American Presidency, and the consistent political turmoil it has created, many are musing with this idea of skipping the country for bit; to get away from it all. For somewhat political comedian Lewis Black (known for his long running and delightfully angry Daily Show segments) it seemed like the prime moment to head north and do a Canadian tour. So this fall he’s going hit the road with longtime friend and collaborator Kathleen Madigan to get out of dodge on his bus and do a full Canadian tour.

“I did this once before,” explains Black. “It’s great, especially in light of everything. We knew early on we wanted to get out and do this tour together. We had been talking about it for years and then he [Trump] got elected so it was like “LETS GO NOW!” Madigan continues in the same vein, “we didn’t know it was going to get this out of hand. Now I feel I should stay here and protect my property with a shotgun. I didn’t think we’d have to fight a war again. But I’m really glad we get to go up there and golf a little bit and tell jokes.”

The frustration of a Trump presidency does have it’s perks, even for the less political Madigan. In her words, “I do like the fact that as a comic, not as a human. Because everyone is paying more attention. I’m not as political as Lewis, I only do it when people are paying attention. Imagine if MItt Romney was president, no one would be paying attention. So that helps you write a joke without getting too detailed.”

The touring life is old news to the veteran comics, as Black explains: “We do a hundred a piece a year. What keeps us going? I like it. What else am I going to do? Go work in a woodshop? Buy a house and go downstairs and paint? I can’t farm. I’m not a gardener, too many bugs. So this was the option. Theatre didn’t work out.”  

The two have done USO tours together but they’re done with that side of things. “I’m not going back,” states Black, “my sinuses aren’t going back there. I’ve done it three times. That’s enough.” Guam is also off the menu (due to recent North Korean threats.) Madigan jokes, “I saw an article about some dad who booked a family vacation to Guam and how they’re still going and I laughed out loud because that would totally be my dad. “Goddamn it, I don’t care, we put the deposit down, we’re going to have fun. Everyone get into the car. He would have driven us right into nuclear annihilation.” Canada will be treat in comparison.

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