Don’t Miss These Fringe Festival Shows

Friday 08th, September 2017 / 16:30

Just Not That Woman
In the heat of a Donald Trump presidency, this production from playwright Ali Kennedy Scott creatively charts the experiences of female global leaders like Hillary Clinton, and poses the big question of how limitless inequality really is. –EB
September 8 – 16 at Firehall Arts Centre.

Award-winning comedy team Hip.Bang! is behind Fin, an innovative look at the obscurities that plague our planet, including the mysteries of politics and our other-worldly oceans. For 60 minutes, the duo makes things hysterically uncomfortable, questioning who you are and where you live. – EB

September 8 – 17 at TheatreSports Improv Centre.

7 Ways to Die, A Love Story
This production by Vancouver playwrights Keltie and Alexander Forsyth grapples with the isolation of modern living in full masks and with zero dialogue. A dark romantic-comedy about suicide, and two neighbours who in their loneliness become the perfect match. – EB

September 7 – 17 at Studio 16.

Setting Bones
This new short from interdisciplinary arts company Kalik follows three siblings as they struggle to come to terms with the death of their mother and grandmother, gathering at their childhood home to confront the legacy of cultural erasure left behind. A play about intergenerational trauma and healing. – EB

September 9 – 16 at Revue Stage.

A David Lynch Wet Dream
Like your favourite David Lynch movie, this wet dream is a solo show featuring one woman fresh out of the gate and in the midst of trying to find herself amongst the complexity of her environment.  Composed and performed by Natasha Perry-Fagant, the actor constructs a commentary about the human body and pressure of living as one. – EB

September 7 – 17 at Revue Stage.

Gigantic Lying Mouth
A powerful poetic performance by Scottish spoken-word artist Kevin P. Gilday, whose character has perished in a tragic yoga accident and is trapped in the afterlife. A contemporary blend of where comedy and drama meet in verse.  – EB
September 7 – 17 at Revue Stage.

A Night at the Rose Coloured Discotheque
Buy Me Dinner First Productions presents this satirical look at life and love in 2017, starring two club kids and their bag of rave essentials. Funny, naughty, and profane, a night at this discotheque is bound to be anything but ordinary. – EB
September 7 – 17 at the Cultch Historic Theatre.

12 Minute Madness
Smokers, well-endowed babies, and drunken social workers all live in Marlene’s head. But behind every exploded psyche is a story and this is hers. Written and performed by Raina Von Waldenburg. – EB
September 9 – 17 at Firehall Arts Centre.

Cry-Baby: The Musical
This re-vamped version of the popular Johnny Depp film hits the Fringe this year with a fresh script, classic songs, leather-clad delinquents, and not-so-hip squares. If you’re up for music and comedy, this Tony Award-winning show is for you.  – CK
September 7 – 17 at Firehall Arts Centre.

A Soldier’s War
Taking inspiration from the letters his grandfather, a member of the Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry Highlanders Infantry Regiment, would send home during World War II, playwright Joshua Ramsden delves deeply in to a story of tragedy and hope. This unique show offers a moving glimpse into the horrors of battle, and is not to be missed. – CK
September 7 – 17 at Waterfront Theatre.