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‘Executing Justice’ Delivers a Hard Blow of Reality to the Head

Friday 08th, September 2017 / 16:00
by Adam Deane

With Executing Justice, playwright Bill Pats seeks to update the awareness of capital punishment in Canada while carving a sharp edge into the Fringe this year.

VANCOUVER – Reality is relative. That may be obvious to most, yet, because we operate on our own special planes, it’s not always apparent. How we perceive the world around us, the everyday interactions, the pitfalls, the consequences, the “system” we operate under, so to speak, is different.

The beauty? We all have our own perception that’s unique to us. Some are bright and vibrant from the brilliance we’ve witnessed or dark and mirrored from the pain we’ve absorbed. Some are airy and naïve, and there are some so deeply affected by the outside world they’ve developed a bird’s eye perception; a graduated consciousness, if you will.

Bill Pats is one man with a grasp of reality most will never have. Having spent time in a system all it’s own — the justice system — Pats’ view changed dramatically. Thus, his execution as Daryl Archibald Kane, or at least the hour leading up to it, was something Bessie-Jean Productions felt worthy enough to be the sole storyline of their Fringe Festival drama, Executing Justice.

Daryl is to be executed at the stroke of midnight on April 8, 2030, one hour from the show’s curtain. He recounts the path that lead him to the cell in which he sits for most of the act prior to his now-legal execution. Pats’ alarming portrayal of 30-year-old Daryl gives a pragmatic eye into the future of a broken Canadian social justice system.

With a degree in criminology from the University of Manitoba and nearly 35 shows under his belt, Pats brings a fresh dip into the mind of a byproduct of the systems for which we live in. He seeks, with intense energy, to update the awareness of capital punishment in Canada while carving a sharp edge into the Fringe this year. Considering 66% of Canadians support the return of capital punishment, maybe this is something we all need to see.

What you walk away with is entirely up to you; because as we know, interpretation is relative.

Executing Justice runs from September 7 – 17 at Revue Stage

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