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Lascar – Saudade 

Sunday 10th, September 2017 / 11:00
By Greg Grose


With Lascar’s sophomore outing, there has been a very noteworthy development on the sonic tone that made the Chilean band popular with their first release, 2016’s Absence. Lascar makes atmospheric black metal that is full of melancholy and longing, and the tone of the album is nothing short of beautiful. 

There is a lot to like about this band, but the unfortunate news is that what is being evoked is nothing that hasn’t been said before by other bands. The melodies played are beautiful in their own right, but the songs stagnate towards the end as the ideas are not varied or developed upon to justify the long track lengths. Even when the band is playing a beautiful melody or adding a new idea, it doesn’t seem as honed or well executed as successful bands in this style of music such as Alcest or Coldworld. On Saudade, Lascar has still yet to show a sound or style that is uniquely its own, and sets itself apart from the other bands who have succeeded at this style of music. Even when the album is at its best moments, it’s unfortunately something that has been heard and done before, and therefore becomes hard to recommend to anyone who isn’t an avid fan of this style of music. It’s certainly not a bad release, but the project still has yet to come into its own and therefore it becomes an easy album to forget about after a listen or two.

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