The Royal Foundry – Lost in Your Head

Monday 11th, September 2017 / 09:00
By Andrew R. Mott


After putting out numerous singles and getting heavy rotation on the terrestrial airwaves, the quartet known as The Royal Foundry has finally released its breakout album, Lost In Your Head. First coming onto the Edmonton music scene in 2013 as a newly-married alternative folk duo, Jared Salte and Bethany Schumacher have completely reinvented themselves with a solid and well-defined electro-pop sound. Drawing inspiration from the latest trends as well as movements from ‘90s Brit pop and ‘70s progressive rock, Salte and Schumacher dive deep into the exploration of love and relationship on a 13-track explosion of youthful expression and experimentation.

Salte’s vocals hold the consistent lead on the record while Schumacher provides a subtle harmonic reinforcement that sits just right in the mix. Sprinkled like candy throughout the LP, Schumacher’s timbre takes the fore in anthemic elements that elevate the intensity of the record to all-night dance party proportion. The production is crisp, layered, full of tight, hard hitting drums, unique sonic samples and never ending drive. It’s easy to imagine that in a decade or two from now that any track on this album will push the volume up and soak a sun filled drive with joyful nostalgia.

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