Against Me! Live at the Vogue Theatre

Tuesday 12th, September 2017 / 10:01
By Cameron Boyd

Photo by Tanis Lischewski

Vogue Theatre
September 8, 2017

VANCOUVER – “Against Me!’s Friday night show at the Vogue Theatre was a powerhouse performance that left the crowd wide eyed and ready to take on anything. Laura Jane Grace’s lyrics are unapologetically honest and naked, hiding nothing, digging down deep into the hearts of the audience and bringing into the light beliefs they might have swept under the rug and forgot to re-examine. “Things are okay”, “I’m comfortable,” “Things will get better if I just keep doing what I already am” are not welcome here.

Photo by Tanis Lischewski

Kicking off their show with I Was A Teenage Anarchist immediately asks you the question, “What happened to the anarchist me?” and leaving you wide open to receive the rest of the show uninhibited by the armour you put on every morning. Cymbals mounted high, lights low, static crackling in the crowd, the repeated question “are you restless like me?” is a rhetorical one but answered nonetheless by every set of lungs in the house. Shouting along to “Up the Cuts,” each audience member was daring one another to admit contentment with their lives, almost as though it were a call to arms, a call for change.’

Photo by Tanis Lischewski

It’s hard to listen to Against Me! and not feel empowered in some way, no matter where you are in the city, in life, in your relationships, or in your search for what’s important to you. They’re truly an experience to see and I know I will be keeping my ear to the ground for their return.