Tricky – Ununiform 

Tuesday 12th, September 2017 / 11:00
By Bryce Dunn

False Idols/!k7 Music   

I wonder, when you’re a dozen albums into a storied career in the trip-hop game, is there still enough creative gas in the tank? Apparently so, if your name is Adrian Thaws.  

The iconoclastic beat-maker and producer still has a lot of issues to get off his chest and he has some top-notch talent to help him out. Biding his time between grime-swathed and trap-infused tracks such as “Same As It Ever Was, “It’s Your Day,” and “Bang Boogie” (with Russian hip hop homie Scriptonite), the master of melancholy plays it cool. Elsewhere, Tricky glides around genres from some signature R&B sultriness from the likes of labelmate Francesca Belmonte (“New Stole”), to the slashing guitar fuelled electro-banger of “Dark Days” (featuring rising dub-pop princess Mina Rose), to a breathy and sparse cover of Hole’s “Doll Parts” (from avant-garde artist and former AA-model Avalon Lurks). Of course, no Tricky oeuvre is complete without a contribution from his most influential muse Martina Topley-Bird; her smoky haze of a voice blankets the last track on the album “When We Die,” while the brooding Dark Prince spits out bars asking all the important questions about where we go when the afterlife is upon us. Thirteen appears to be a lucky number after all and for fans of the genre this is your good luck charm.

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