What Happened to Monday has Noomi Rapace Playing Seven Sisters at the Same Time

Monday 18th, September 2017 / 19:28
By Paris Spence-Lang

What Happened to Monday has Noomi Rapace Playing Seven Sisters at the Same Time

This is a confusing movie.

In 2073, overpopulation results in a strictly enforced one-child policy. But Willem Dafoe winds up grandfather to septuplets, all identical. This means Noomi Rapace plays all seven leads. Their names? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… they only get to go outside on their name-day.

Of course, Monday disappears, and the rest of the week must figure out what happened to her. What happened to Monday probably has something to do with the shady Child Allocation Bureau, who are the only babysitters I’ve ever seen with guns.
Fortunately, some more of the day-sisters start disappearing, so it gets easier to tell who’s who—even though they insist on dressing the same and wearing the same wig. But when the disappearing sisters are traced to the head of the C.A.B. (Glenn Close), the remaining days decide to wage war against their lifelong oppressors.

Despite the confusion, What Happened to Monday is actually a fascinating watch. Where else can you see an actress playing seven simultaneous roles? Despite the film’s want of dystopian depth—this is no The Matrix—it offers plenty in the way of futuristic technology and creative world-building.

I do feel bad for Adrian Knowles (Marwan Kenzari), though. As Monday’s boyfriend, imagine how many eggshells he’d have to walk on at family reunions—that is, if they ever find out what happened to Monday.

Now streaming on Netflix.


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