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Monday 18th, September 2017 / 20:34
By Jodi Brak 

The Menzingers hit Marquee Beer Market & Stage on October 3.
Photo Charles Wrzesniewski

Marquee Beer Market & Stage, October 3  

Armed with music that looks into the depths of sadness and cynicism to pull out something positive, The Menzingers are a group of Pennsylvania punk rockers who understand that inspiration can be found in the face of darkness. Their music is highly melodic and surprisingly progressive, swinging back and forth between clean, lightly picked chords and heavy, high-gain crescendos. Top it off with a witty, irreverent sort of poetry to their lyricism and you have songs that will loop endlessly in your head for weeks.  

Marquee Beer Market & Stage, September 23  

These guys most assuredly bring the pop to pop-punk. Hailing from New York, State Champs songs always seem to fall on a lighter note – at least musically. With an infectious, head-bobbing beats, their songs are played in keys that leave a smile on the face and a warm feeling in the gut. They’re bringing their tunes quite a ways west on their latest tour; check them out while you actually have the chance.  

Palomino Smokehouse & Bar, October 4 

Unleashing classic hardcore that leans towards the metal side, this five-piece act out of Philly deliver moshpit tunes like the best of them. They mix the beat of hardcore with the deep growls and incessant background calamity of metalcore, and are known for their ability to spin crowds into a delirious frenzy at the drop of a chorus hook. Their Calgary show is sure to be one for the books. 

Palomino Smokehouse & Bar, October 6  

Once thought to be a spark that flickered in the ‘80s and quickly faded away, Change of Heart pulled off a successful reunion in 2009 and has been bringing their weird brand of Tragically Hip meets The Clash indie-punk back to the stage ever since. Vocalist Ian Blurton is known for his work with other Canadian indie projects such as beloved Napalmpom pals Bad Animal; he also worked with C’mon and Cowboy Junkies, conjuring a much deserved cult following.

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