Buckout Road: Creepy Urban Legend Delves Into Dream Sequences  

Tuesday 19th, September 2017 / 18:51


By Philip Clarke 

Buckout Road is an intense throwback to 70s horror films.

CALGARY – When Aaron Powell (Evan Ross) returns home to his small town after several years away in the military, he’s disappointingly correct in his assumption that his psychologist grandfather Dr. Powell (Danny Glover) wasn’t there to pick him up from the bus station. It turns out that Dr. Powell had shirked his familial responsibilities in favour of working with Detective Harris (Henry Czerny) to try and stop the strange happenings that are afoot in their town. 

The townsfolk have been haunted for several years by the many urban legends about the titular Buckout Road. Some believe in them, while others simply pretend that none of it is real. “Out of sight, out of mind” is the general mantra that many of them seem to live by. However, the legends begin to seep into the real world when members of the town begin to sleepwalk their way in the middle of the night to Buckout Road.  That is, before they ultimately kill themselves in both awful and downright disturbing ways. 

With the help of fraternal stoner twins Erik (Kyle Mac) and Derek (Jim Watson) as well as Detective Harris’ daughter Cleo (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), Aaron attempts to figure out the mystery of these troubling legends before it’s too late. 

What works best about Buckout Road are the dream sequences, which go back and forth between a 1970s’ zombie exploitation film, and witches being burned at the stake, to name just a few of the scenes. The dreams are both creepy and unnerving in equal measure. The moments of shock and gore generally work to great effect, shown over and over again to the point of numbing submission.


Buckout Road plays at the Calgary International Film Festival. For more info and times go to www.calgaryfilm.com/films 

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