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Oddity Kombucha Keeps it Simple with Style 

Oddity Kombucha Keeps it Simple with Style 

By Alan Ranta VANCOUVER – If you have chronic digestive issues or merely like to promote intestinal health, kombucha is…

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Maglor: Black Metal Act Answers the Call of the Forest  

Tuesday 19th, September 2017 / 10:00
By Sarah Kitteringham  


Maglor has finally released their second album, Asunder.

CALGARY – After two of three members relocated to Canmore, it took former Calgary act Maglor an ungodly amount of time to release their second album Asunder. Not that it’s out of the ordinary for the atmospheric black metal trio: everything they’ve done has taken an ungodly amount of time, but the result is always worth the wait.  

“We do often have a difficult time trying to decide exactly what style our music is. We’ve never really tried to specifically fit into any one particular genre,” explains multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Beren Tol Galen. Every member of the band uses a pseudonym; all members are multi-instrumentalists.

“That said, we definitely draw inspiration from metal projects such as Moonsorrow, Summoning, Enslaved, Wardruna… to name a few. Alongside this, we are often heavily influenced by many soundtrack composers as well: [American film, game and television composer] Jeremy Soule, [American film score composer] James Horner, and [Japanese video game composer] Nobuo Uematsu, among others. We’ve had our music described as heathen folk metal, atmospheric black metal, and even blackened folk metal.”  

After forming in 2002 and functioning under the name Haven, the band reassessed and renamed after “one of the seven sons of Fëanor,” within J.R.R Tolkien’s collection The Silmarillion. They eventually released 2012’s Call of the Forest, delivering a layered and expansive sound marked by cold tremolo picking, battering drums, hypnotic crooning and chanting then shrieking vocals, alongside floating keyboard lines. This approach is continued on Asunder 

“We tried to write the album with the idea that it is one, singular tale; separated into chapters, each with a different sense or feel,” says Tol Galen. “We try to create a sound born from realms unknown; of ages long forgot.”

The album spans five tracks, taking the listener on an eerie, varied journey that sounds best when blasted loud on its gorgeous 12-inch format. The package visually utilizes a mountainous theme that spreads across the cover and insert.

“For Asunder we decided to press vinyl as well as again releasing CDs. We are all avid record collectors and really enjoy having an album on vinyl format. The sound and feel, as well as full art and jacket is a really nice package to have as far as physical formats go,” explains Tol Galen.  Both editions are available now.  

Asunder is now available on vinyl from Sounds of the Land Records. Visit to purchase a copy or stream the album. 

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