Archspire Relentlessly Mutate Their Sound With New Album

Thursday 21st, September 2017 / 17:32
by Ana Krunic

Photo by Alex Morgan

VANCOUVER – Vancouver’s own Archspire have risen quickly to international recognition in the world of technical death metal. Somehow both blindingly fast and beautifully composed, Archspire’s music is a step away from the trampling brutality most tech-death bands serve up.

Their last album, Lucid Collective Somnambulation was well-received and had somewhat of a dreamy but still whirling fast quality to it. “The new album’s faster. It’s a bit catchier in the sense that we’ve got some actual choruses so maybe people can finally sing along or something”, Aleron laughs. “What I’m really stoked on is the work the artist [Berlin-based Eliran Kantor] did for the album. It was a lot of back and forth with him until he got it just the way I wanted it and it turned out perfectly.”

Archspire’s lyrics have always stood out from others in the genre. Fans are very interested in deciphering what Aleron is saying when he’s spitting out his rapidfire vocals. His lyrics are best described as those strange but disturbingly realistic dreams you have somewhere between waking and sleeping – the ones you can’t shake for a while after getting up. A lot of bands in the genre don’t focus a lot on telling a story, but here it’s not the case.

“I kind of just stress out for a long time about how I don’t have any ideas until I sort of start to lose my mind. I end up just having really fucked up dreams and I’ll wake up and write them down. I’ll begin to make stories out of that, it’s what I’ve done for all three albums,” Aleron states.

“Some of it is also based on things that I’ve read. Relentless Mutation is all stories about people witnessing something they can’t explain. I read this book about the AUM cult in Japan and how they would abduct people and do experiments on them with hallucinogens,” Aleron recalls. “This one person in particular was abducted and remembers waking up in a room, in a circle of hospital beds, and there’s just a black drip in the middle of the ceiling. He lost his mind hallucinating over this. [The album] is loosely based on that, seeing something that you can’t explain. Each song is about what different people experience when they’re looking at this ‘thing.’”

A lot of people say that technical death metal has been beaten to death. I tend to disagree, but indeed there are a lot of bands just rehashing the same brutal and fast music without putting much care into their writing process.

On this, Aleron says: “I always try to find the new, fast band that I like but I feel like it’s like any other genre. 90% garbage and 10% rad. I’m not really into that much tech-death at this point. I mean, I give a chance to all the new bands. Some of them I really like and some I find really monotonous. But like I said, I think that way of any genre. So hopefully, there will always be those top bands that always put so much effort into their writing – because you can really tell when you listen to an album how much effort they put into writing it. There is still always people out there that really dedicate a lot of their time to write stuff that they really love.”

Relentless Mutation is out on September 22

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