Firewood Poetry Stoking The Coals With Release of Her New Single “It’s my art to xxxx”

Tuesday 26th, September 2017 / 18:00
By Hollie McGowan

West coast producer Firewood Poetry relases her fifth single “It’s my art to xxxx” this month.

SALT SPRING ISLAND – Salt Spring Island’s Firewood Poetry released her fifth single, “It’s my art to xxxx” via Rauthentic this month. The West Coast of British Columbia certainly has its own flavour of delicately crafted and intricately woven electronic music production, and Firewood Poetry is joining the ranks within the community. Being a gulf island with a rich music history of its own and one that maintains a presence within other scenes beyond its lush rainforests and rugged shores, Salt Spring continues to generate a wealth of talent and up-and-coming gems.

As opposed to her previous releases, the track witnesses the West Coast electronic musician explore a more aggressive style in her productions, yet one that remains true to her delicate and ethereal aesthetic as an artist. The track opens with a gentle, pulsating melody sprinkled with layered vocals that drift in and out. A slow and gradual shuffle creeps in, driving the piece forward before being shattered by a heavy percussive beat which enters about half way in. Above the intensity of the sound, an assertive voice demands ownership of its artistic endeavors.

For more from Firewood Poetry, visit her online here.