Every Time I Die: Baptizing Fans in Metalcore 

Tuesday 03rd, October 2017 / 12:00
By Trevor Morelli 

Veterans of the hardcore scene embark on new tour.

CALGARY – It’s not often you get a chance to be ‘baptized’ by your favorite band, but that’s exactly what happened earlier this summer when Buffalo, New York based metalcore outfit Every Time I Die played a unique show in Las Vegas. 

“I definitely didn’t think I’d get chucked into the pool like a nerd in an ‘80s movie, but once I was in, I realized there was no going back,” recalls singer Keith Buckley. 

It might not exactly be the kind of party you might expect from a group known for their commitment to aggressive hardcore music. The band features foreboding guitars and double-kick drums that boom across the mosh-pit.  

“That show was very unordinary as it is,” he further elaborates.  

“A hardcore band playing a pool party at a major Vegas resort, so nothing was off limits. I mean, I paid $38 for a margarita that afternoon, so I knew the whole thing was going to be strange. I was really thankful people came in after me. If no one had been willing to risk it, I would have just been standing there looking like a dumbass begging people to jump in. It turned out to be a very memorable thing. People who like Every Time I Die are the fucking coolest.” 

Another reason why the band feels a special connection to their fans is because their latest album, 2016’s Low Teens, resonated with their audience much quicker than previous records. 

“Usually it takes a few years for songs to really land with fans,” Buckley offers. 

“Nothing we’ve ever done has been an immediate crowd favorite. The lag time is at least an entire album cycle. With Low Teens though, it seems to be the fastest that songs have taken and they’ve stuck. And it’s only getting better with age, like wine or Bill Murray.” 

Typically, Every Time I Die aims to release a new album every two years, but Buckley says that since Low Teens is “just getting its legs,” fans shouldn’t hold out for a new album in 2018.  

Instead, fans can look forward to some awesome shows on this tour, as well as a new book Buckley is continuously working on. He released his first book Scale: A Novel in 2015 and the follow up is coming along nicely. 

“I’m a little more than halfway done with my second book,” he says.

“On tour I wake up and write until I have 5 bad ideas in a row, then stop and clear my head, then go back to it until we have to play a show. At home it’s a little harder because of my kid, but I try to stay busy writing as much as possible. It’s the only way to become a great writer and I want to be that before I die.” 


Catch Every Time I Die’s Western Canada tour October 10 at the Park Theatre (Winnipeg), October 12 at Louis’ (Saskatoon), October 13 at Union Hall (Edmonton), and October 14 at MacEwan Hall (Calgary).

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