CLUBLAND: October 2017 – your month measured in BPMs

Wednesday 04th, October 2017 / 14:37
By Alan Ranta

VANCOUVER – Fall is in full swing, but there is still plenty of stuff coming to Vancouver that is sure to pick you up. The season of soft hoodies, long pants, and comfort food; there’s no better time of year to enjoy some inside entertainment. Don’t forget to tip your servers and bartenders!

The Pharcyde

October 6 @ Fortune Sound Club
Okay, so it’s just Fatlip and Slimkid3 from the original crew. Spain-born producer J-Swift seems to be laying a little lower these days, after being screwed over by U.S. Border officials on his last visit to Vancouver, while Imani and Bootie Brown are apparently off doing a Gallagher Too thing. That said, a little Fatlip goes a long way. He knows what’s up. Ask him. He may fool you. Seriously, it’s the 25th anniversary of Bizarre Ride II, easily one of the greatest hip-hop albums ever made, and the boys are gonna perform it start to finish. Time to pass the pipe and pay your respects.

Lords of Acid

October 8 @ Red Room
If you don’t know this legendary post-industrial/techno act, you might want to check out some clips before going to their show. Since the late ’80s, the graphic sexuality and sordid drugginess of their lyrics has been matched only by the hardcore nature of ringleader Praga Khan’s myriad production styles. They’re going for the jugular here, dropping their most bad-ass album, 1994’s Voodoo-U, alongside some raunchy, raucous hits. Not for the faint of heart.


October 20 @ PNE
That bone-rattling beer baron, Michigan producer Grant Kwiecinski (a.k.a. GRiZ) is back to sax up some sexy, soulful funky beats. This is the Good Will Continue tour, celebrating the second installment in his Chasing the Golden Hour mixtape series as well as his personally perfected Chasing the Golden Hour Ale. Alongside Los Angeles producer Big Wild, he’ll be supported by Opiuo, the brilliantly lush Melbourne-based knob-twiddler who is worth the price of admission by himself.


October 27 @ Fortune Sound Club
If this doesn’t get you into the Halloween spirit, nothing will. The Pittsburgh duo of bassist/synthesist Steve Moore and drummer Anthony Paterra took their name from the Italian title of Dawn of the Dead, and their layered space-rock/synthwave sound is very much indebted to Goblin. The horror movies practically write themselves in your head while listening to them.

Chelsea Wolfe

October 31 @ VENUE
With her blend of black metal, industrial electronic, gothic-folk, and imaginative fashion, this American songstress always brings a spectacle to the stage. She was in full force on her latest album, Hiss Spun, so expect to see heads exploding in the crowd for this one. You could not hope for a better way to spend Halloween night than an evening with Wolfe.