Eazy Mac: A Year of Breaking New Ground  

Wednesday 04th, October 2017 / 19:00
By Jonathan Crane 


An absurdly dark still taken from Eazy Mac’s new video.  
By Dele Adereti

CALGARY – It was almost exactly a year ago that Eazy Mac, whose real name is Mac Barett, performed on the main stage at 2016’s One Love music festival, showcasing the songs from his then newly released Music For The Visually Impaired album. 

As 2017 progressed so did the scale of his appearances, which saw him share the stage with artists like Jazz Cartier, Rich Chigga, Kid Ink, and Merkules.  

Now, as the year turns to dusk, a new video for the track “#itsEazy” also signals the start of a new chapter. It’s the first video from his forthcoming sophomore release, and it sets the tone for what to expect next.  

Like the first album, the new song combines themes of drug use with hazy beats and intricate lyrics delivered through Barett’s sedated vocal tone. 

According to Barett the forthcoming album heavily follows the first stylistically. The 40 000-plus plays on tracks like “Tortured Genius” and “Problems” shows that he’s found a formula that works, and now he just has to refine it. 

“I think the last album was adapting my vibe, and this one is just building on that,” says Barrett. 

“I think I’m just going to be honest, I’m just going to do my thing and whatever comes out comes out.  

“I think I’m going to get a little bit more personal with certain things, but not stray too far away from what I’ve been doing.” 

What’s changed this time around, however, is that Barett’s spent the last year taking note of what elements from his music work best in a live setting, something he says will be incorporated into the new release.  

“There’s going to be more stuff I can perform, and have more crowd interaction type shit going on,” he says. 

The music video also represented a new approach stylistically and production-wise for Barett and co-director Dele “Dizzy” Adereti, who also co-directed the first album’s short film. 

“I’ve always wanted to put out a very high end, high budget video with a lot of different sets and a lot of different slap you in the face type shit,” says Barett. “So it’s like a dream come true in a way.” 

The song itself was produced and recorded in Vancouver by Adam Stanton, the producer behind many of the tracks on the first album. After coming back to Calgary, Barett then returned to Vancouver to work with Adereti on the video.  

“He’s really good with bringing stuff out of me,” says Barett. “If I have an idea he helps me articulate it.” 

The duo also assembled a production crew that dwarfed the size and scope of last year’s short film.  

“I rented out a couple studios at the Vancouver Film School, Dizzy got a bunch of people together that went to Vancouver Film School that all specialized in different shit like make-up and building sets and stuff like that,” says Barett of the video, which depicts the gold grilled Eazy in a talk show about dead beat dads.  

“I walked in the first day and it was pretty serious, there was already like 15 people doing shit. I was like ‘holy this is a real thing.’” 

After the video was released on September 11 it amassed 215 000 views on Facebook within the first week, signaling that this could also be Barett’s first foray into going viral.  

Currently the forthcoming album is slated for release in early 2018 at the latest.  


Watch Eazy Macs new video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNs-qO1fRsY and watch for his new album, coming soon.

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