Suffer Me: New Quartet Seething With Caustic Grind  

Wednesday 04th, October 2017 / 17:17
By Brittany Rudyck 

Frenetic grindcore group release impressive debut.
By Kitrina Brodhecker


EDMONTON – Anyone who’s dipped their toes into Edmonton’s underground heavy scene gets the sense it’s a tight knit community. Bands form and fall apart almost just as quickly as members move to other cities or simply step down from existing projects. Suffer Me is a prime example of this, formed by Brett McKay after the dissolution of hardcore group, Disabler. McKay’s songs began to take form with the help of Disabler’s drummer, Justin Smith. Once the vocalist for Contention, known as Josh Littlechilds joined, the intent was to create a studio project. But, Littlechilds moved across the country shortly after and it was back to square one.  

A year later, Suffer Me has a full band comprised of McKay, Justin Muscoby, Lee Zacharko and Dominic Avila Alvernaz. The result is an amalgamation of the member’s former and current projects, featuring a hardcore sound with sharp grind and math elements.  

Their debut self-titled album is 10 short tracks ripe with technically sharp guitar and seething vocals. With a line-up cemented and plans to begin playing live shows, McKay pointed out to BeatRoute that the group is all ready moving forward sonically from what’s on the record. 

“It’s completely different because a lot of the first stuff was just me,” explains McKay. “This is way more interactive. Lee, Justin and I have a great creative relationship and there’s a lot more development happening with the songs now.” 

Even though their artistic direction might be evolving, it won’t be a major departure from the sound of their first single “Dissolve and Reform,” a blistering punch to the face delivered in just over one minute.  

“That song is a really good link from the first record to what we’re doing now,” confirms McKay. “In my opinion it was one of the better songs on the record and it’s really indicative of where I was headed songwriting-wise.”  

When BeatRoute asked about which other projects each member was in McKay began listing bands like Slumlord and Master Splinter, alluding to the closeness of the heavy community. 

“I’ve only lived in Edmonton for eight or so years now, but it’s always just kind of gone like that. It’s not abnormal for people to be in five bands simultaneously. The output is massive and it’s an active and energetic scene, but it’s a really small group of people doing it. More so than other genres I would say.” 


Suffer Me release their self-titled album on October 11. Head to for future show listings.